SumAll partners with Magento to become a new Gold Industry Partner


SumAll offers a new data analytics tool for Magento store owners to use their sales and revenue data to make better decisions and more money.

Stores easily sync up with SumAll's online tool, and within a matter of minutes, real-time information about company revenue history, customer groups, sales patterns, and trajectory can be accessed.

You can answer questions such as:

  • Are new customers worth more than returning customers?
  • Which day of the week is the best choice for running a promotional campaign?
  • How would offering free shipping affect your bottom line?

You will never miss a major shift in your numbers again!

Best of all, SumAll presents all of your information in live, easy-to-read charts, which means no more messy Excel spreadsheets or reports.

Some of their key features include:

Actionable insights: Use your data as a roadmap for making better decisions about what to do next. Predict your future earnings, based on data patterns of your past.

Identify Patterns: Use filters to drill down deep into your sales data to uncover trends and patterns.

Note Campaigns and Effects: Directly associate marketing, advertising, press, or other relevant events to your metrics to help track what caused your revenue numbers to move up or down.

Revenue Comparisons: Use chart sliders to compare and contrast sales data from two periods of time.

Alerts: Stay on top of all important metrics with revenue alerts that keep you on top of key metrics, wherever you are.

SumAll is free for all Magento customers, and can be downloaded here.

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