Strengthening our Solution Partner Program


Enterprise Edition: Driving Magento’s Growth

Throughout Magento’s history, we’ve pushed ourselves to evolve our product and service offerings in order to support the growth and success of our customers. In the past couple of years, much of our growth has been driven by the widespread adoption of our Enterprise Edition offering. This product’s unique combination of features, flexibility and low total cost of ownership has attracted businesses ranging from industry-disrupting startups to established brands transacting hundreds of millions of dollars online. And our being part of eBay Inc. is accelerating this growth by opening up new opportunities for our customers and partners to access industry-leading capabilities and resources.

Innovation to Support Customer Growth

To help support the continued growth and success of our Enterprise customers, we are introducing innovations across every area of our business in the first half of 2013. The first of these moves is focused on strengthening a key driver of customer growth and success: the Magento Solution Partner Program.

As our merchants’ needs become increasingly sophisticated, they need to feel confident that they can find the right Solution Partner to help them build, deploy and grow their online business. We’re strengthening our Solution Partner program to ensure that every Magento Solution Partner has demonstrated:

  • a strong knowledge of eCommerce and the Magento platform
  • a broad set of design, development, integration and marketing skills
  • and a record of successful Magento implementations

Raising the Bar for Solution Partners

We’re raising the bar for our partners by requiring them to meet more rigorous criteria, and by providing them with the resources they need to deliver the best possible Magento Enterprise implementations. The updated program includes:

  • rigorous training and certification requirements for every Solution Partner
  • ongoing monitoring of partner quality based on their customers’ satisfaction level
  • and improved tools for helping merchants identify the best partner to meet their needs

Introducing Magento Associates

We recognize that there are hundreds of system integrators worldwide that work with Magento but may not meet the requirements of the updated Solution Partner Program. We’ve created the Magento Associate program as a way for these companies to create or maintain a relationship with us while strengthening their Magento practice.

Our goal is to help Magento Associates develop the skills they need to become Magento Enterprise experts and engage in Enterprise implementations. These companies may or may not have the goal of joining the Solution Partner program, but we will provide them the resources and opportunity to do so if they choose.

By building both our Solution Partner and Associate programs, we’ll maximize the opportunities for the healthy growth of our ecosystem, while ensuring that only the most qualified companies are designated as Magento Solution Partners.

Looking Forward

Our commitment to customer growth success doesn't stop there. In the weeks leading up to the 2013 Imagine eCommerce Conference we’ll be rolling out other enhancements to our product and service offerings that will set the foundation for our next wave of growth and the growth of our customers. Stay tuned for details on these efforts in the weeks ahead.

These new additions to the Magento family will continue to further position Magento Enterprise Edition as the solution of choice for innovative, agile online merchants. Our thanks to the merchants, Solution Partners, Associates and community members whose passion and commitment continues to fuel the growth of Magento.

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