Sneak Peek: Magento Version 1.1 Features

Magento Version 1.1 is fast approaching. Varien’s Yoav Kutner and Chris Marshall sat down to discuss the features which will be added as part of the upcoming release, expected at the end of June/early July.

Sit back and enjoy the video discussion of the 1.1 release functionality, and for quick reference we have provided a list below. Please note that this is a partial list - additional smaller features and bug fixes are also expected to be part of the upcoming release.


1. Performance Improvements: Since the 1.0 release we have been working on improving the performance of Magento and the 1.1 release will see further gains (as much as 40% performance improvements in the catalog and sales modules).
2. Admin UI improvements: Changes will be made to only load data when necessary, improving the responsiveness of the Admin Panel.
3. Web Services API: A highly requested feature which will make integrating Magento with 3rd party software much easier. The API will be added for the catalog, customers and sales modules.
4. Virtual Products: These products which do not require shipping information and/or inventory management add to Magento’s product types by allowing for store owners to more easily create and manage products.
5. Customer Defined Product Options: This functionality will allow customers to define text, images, etc. for products.
6. Bundled Products: One of the most exciting features, this will allow store owners to create built to order products and will further extend the product options available in Magento.
7. Improved support for EU and Canadian taxes: The tax rules and functionalities for EU and Canadian taxes will be added to the Core, which should be especially exciting to the Magento community outside of the US.

Watch the video for more details on all of these features.

As always, we reserve the right to change the list of expected features (if we don’t feel a feature is ready), and cannot assume responsibility for any loss that may come from a late or unreleased feature.

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User Comments

  1. oshipper

    1oshipper from New York, NY|posted June 3 2008

    Talk of performance improvements is much appreciated especially so quickly after the last release.

    I am wondering if there was any news on a light theme (without the heavy javascript frameworks) and a maybe a simplified checkout?


  2. cyana

    2cyana from Los Angeles / Paris|posted June 3 2008

    Sounds good !! Can wait smile
    An other little and easy improvement you can add to the manage pages : a visual/wysiwyg editor
    That would be great to have that

    Keep on working hard guys ! Magento Rock !

  3. etho201

    3etho201 from Summerville, SC|posted June 3 2008

    Especially excited about the performance improvements! Looking forward to the release, thanks for keeping us updated!

  4. Loïc

    4Loïc from Paris, France|posted June 3 2008

    Thanks for this. Looking forward to it !

  5. shaun

    5shaun from Todmorden, UK|posted June 3 2008

    EU Tax rules is especially welcome as currently it’s just not possible to use Magento here without giving your accountant a pile of aspirin.

  6. Rico Neitzel

    6Rico Neitzel from Würzburg, Germany|posted June 3 2008

    good job, guys! smile

  7. stefan66

    7stefan66 |posted June 3 2008

    ditto oshipper’s sentiments about a lighter themes and checkout....would be great to keep making magento leaner and meaner.

    Varien folks, when you say improved performance on the sales module does that include the cart and checkout flows?

    Thanks very much to the Varien team for the work and updates!

  8. norbolig

    8norbolig |posted June 3 2008

    Very exciting. The next three - four weeks towards the upcoming release will be worth the l o n g wait ... wink

    Two wishes:

    1) A integrated visual / wysiwyg editor.
    2) A European address layout (selectable US or EU address layout).

    I am truly thankful for the opportunity you all give me and other ecommerce users.

  9. Ross

    9Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted June 3 2008

    Sounds great!  Lots of things happening to keep us all interested.

    Do you plan to have a beta release for 1.1 to ensure that it is well tested before going gold?  (SVN trunk link would be good too)

    Cheer for all the hard work you folk have been putting in.

  10. Ross

    10Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted June 3 2008

    Forgot to ask… does 1.1 mean API changes?

  11. Thierry S.

    11Thierry S. from Paris|posted June 3 2008

    nice one, keep on the same track !!

  12. Thibodeaux

    12Thibodeaux |posted June 4 2008

    confused What a complete disappointment regarding downloadable products. I really expected this would be more of a priority considering it’s the 21 Century and all…

  13. Daniel_79

    13Daniel_79 |posted June 4 2008

    Does upgrading to 1.1 means that the theme have to be fixed? or can I use 1.0 themes?

  14. r4ph

    14r4ph |posted June 4 2008

    How about Banner Manager and Affiliates Manager ?

    both are important ... tooo


  15. Avin -

    15Avin - from Bangalore - India|posted June 4 2008

    Load time is definitely a key issue that must be tackled and put “high” on the priority list! Add on features like multiple item selection and vendor login would be good as well.

  16. DaveAllen

    16DaveAllen |posted June 4 2008

    Is there a specific place for putting feature requests? ...

    I am still praying that we will see a feature for handling “Manufacture Advertised Price” - (MAP)…

    We have many products that do not allow us to list our price and are normally handled on other carts by having the price replaced with the text “Click here to add to cart for our low price” (Or something of that nature). This keeps us inline with the manufactures rules of not allowing advertising of prices lower than their MAP pricing. (They allow using this method of adding to cart to see the lower price offered)

    Replace text of just “Call for price” is not good. Instead, many of us really need this feature added so that we can use Magento. Until that day comes, it makes it impossible for businesses like ours to use the system as a viable option for replacing our current carts.

    -- Dave

  17. gollum

    17gollum |posted June 4 2008

    How about A bank transfer Payment option?

  18. Luciano Higuchi

    18Luciano Higuchi from Hamamatsu-shi|posted June 4 2008

    Great work!!! Congratulations for all of Magento Team.

    I’m asking my self about a new feature in checkout page that allow customer to pick up the best hour to delivery their orders.

    Do you have plan to japanese market?

    My best -


  19. VisualFrames

    19VisualFrames from New York, NY|posted June 4 2008

    Quite nice. A little disappointed to have to wait longer on the downloadable products.

  20. matponta

    20matponta from Italy|posted June 4 2008

    Nice.. if the EU module for taxes includes also VAT number in billing addresses

  21. johanlm

    21johanlm |posted June 4 2008

    Wonderfull! +40% increase will make wonders for me (and all). Really happy that you seem to have made this number 1 prio. so people can start working with Magento properly.

  22. paravista

    22paravista |posted June 4 2008

    Totally agree with johanlm. I am happy to hear that the Magento team is focusing on performance improvements. This was still my main concern about Magento. Apart from speed, the system is already very impressive! Great job!

  23. Garrone

    23Garrone from Lauria - Italy|posted June 4 2008

    I need a layered/filtered navigation in admin to filter products by manufacturer, etc.

  24. radders

    24radders |posted June 4 2008

    Excellent news!
    I hope the new release will come with a working shipping method for Europe (by weight and country) too.

  25. salsasepp

    25salsasepp from Saarlouis, Germany|posted June 4 2008

    Good work! It is good to see that requests are heard and addressed with the proper priorities. Raises my confidence even more. As said before, what I like about Magento is that the company and the product seem to be managed properly. I like the focus on things that will bring the big boost in the long run (e.g. web services API).

    Mantra playback:
    - Have at least your partners beta-test the 1.1 release, better yet, provide svn access to 1.1-trunk at beta time (don’t be shy)
    - Less bugs is always more important than features
    - See that the tax module is 100% on target for the 1.1 release - EU taxes, VAT ID numbers, the like, this will make Magento #1 in Europe this year (don’t overlook matponta’s remark above).

  26. Tomislav Bilic

    26Tomislav Bilic from Osijek, Croatia|posted June 4 2008

    Hi guys,

    I am aslo eager to see integrated wysiwyg editor. One of the things I’m looking forward from your comments is: Web Services API. Hope this would really be easy to use in other soltuions like Wordpress, Drupal or other CMSes…

  27. Phillip Hughes

    27Phillip Hughes |posted June 4 2008

    I have got to say that Magento is amazing but surely the most important feature is the migration from different CMS. The osCommerce Migration doesn’t work and its not mentioned in 1.1 ?

    Not everyone is going to be starting a new store in 2008 and its impossible to think successful store owners can manually add 2000+ plus products with 2000+ customers and orders. I would just say this is the key area before releasing a further version.

  28. Tomislav Bilic

    28Tomislav Bilic from Osijek, Croatia|posted June 4 2008

    @ Not everyone is going to be starting a new store in 2008 and its impossible to think successful store owners can manually add 2000+ plus products with 2000+ customers and orders. I would just say this is the key area before releasing a further version.

    We’ll they have a nicely built SCV import and I did just that with CRE Loaded and Magento. I impoted 500+ products and 5000+ customers. I didn’t yes imported some historical orders data, as that may require some manual script that will store it directly to the database.

    But import works quite well for me wink

  29. towangfoo

    29towangfoo |posted June 4 2008

    very happy to see a web services API included. this is definately a key feature, thinking about upcoming integration tasks. keep up the good work.

  30. MasterDee

    30MasterDee |posted June 4 2008

    This is great, great.... smile

  31. Allysin

    31Allysin |posted June 4 2008

    Magento is great - no doubt about it! grin

    I wonder if it would be possible to include a delivery calendar? There are thousands of flower shops and gift basket stores out there and others that don’t ship their products but deliver them. I’m sure this is a necessity for a lot of businesses.

    Thanks and keep up the good work! wink

  32. lisali

    32lisali from London, UK|posted June 4 2008

    Great to hear this - but PLEASE, please, please, please, please - FIX the Google Checkout module, as it is not working. Merchant calculated shipping is broken, and GC shown no shipping charges, or only the default one.

    Please fix Google Checkout!


  33. Anders Rasmussen

    33Anders Rasmussen from Denmark|posted June 4 2008

    This is great news. I am very happy about performance improvements, as this is one of the biggest issues right now. Also, handling EU taxes is one of those critical features for EU guys like me.

  34. boardwalk

    34boardwalk from Cornwall, UK|posted June 4 2008

    I look forward to the release, speed issues are the main problem for me at the moment. Well done to the team.

  35. Dmitry Bashlov

    35Dmitry Bashlov from Chicago, IL, USA|posted June 4 2008

    How about discount like amazon’s gold box ?

  36. danilodimoia

    36danilodimoia from Chieti|posted June 4 2008

    Look for the ability to create/modify other “attributes” (don’t know if it’s the right word!) for customer, also to report them on invoices

  37. sdb

    37sdb from coastal California, USA|posted June 4 2008

    CSV and import fixes? When are those coming?

  38. LorenzoG

    38LorenzoG |posted June 4 2008

    Thank you for the information and your efforts Varien. It’’s much appreciated.  The EU VAT support is extremely important for us Europeans that do B2B intra EU. I think the Performed improvements are also longed by many. And the other new functions/improvements are also very good ones that I’m certain that will be received with open arms. Did I say thank you? smile

  39. felserj

    39felserj from Austria|posted June 4 2008

    Good job! I’m looking forward for the new release.

    But… Thanks to norbolig for his wishes
    1) A integrated visual / wysiwyg editor.
    2) A European address layout (selectable US or EU address layout).

    Both would be great and would help us here in Europe smirk

  40. shaun

    40shaun from Todmorden, UK|posted June 4 2008

    There’s no such thing as an EU address layout. They’re all quite different IME. Each country has it’s own oddities.

  41. salsasepp

    41salsasepp from Saarlouis, Germany|posted June 4 2008

    Thanks felserj, I second that.
    However… just can’t resist… snake  EU address layout! Ha! How many years of EU have passed and we still don’t have that!!! wink

    German street and number: Hauptstrasse 177
    French street and number: 56 RUE EMILE ZOLA (yes, they do prefer capital letters)
    German postcode and city name: D-64740 Saarlouis
    Netherland postcode and city with subzone: NL-6500 HB Nijmegen
    Italian postcode and city AND provincia: I-20064 Gorgonzola MI

    And I won’t even mention English (not UK, but English) addresses:
    Mr. Thomas Clark
    Eden Cottage
    May’s Green, Harpsden
    RG9 4AJ

    That ranted about, yes, a few selectable address formats will help! (sorry - couldn’t resist… slap me...)

  42. salsasepp

    42salsasepp from Saarlouis, Germany|posted June 4 2008

    @shaun: that’s right!!! wink

  43. norbolig

    43norbolig |posted June 4 2008

    Regarding “EU Address”:

    I fully agree that there is no standard “EU Address”, but still, I belive most EU addresses can be put into this Address format:

    Address 1
    Address 2 (mostly not used)
    Zip Code *) City

    *) A country code such as D- or I- should be added to the beginning of the Zip Code if shipped to another Country

    AND, this mostly minor address differences is a problem that we have to live with for every other software as well, so I don’t expect Magento to be able to have a solution for all address oddities).

  44. shaun

    44shaun from Todmorden, UK|posted June 4 2008

    I’ve never come across adding D- or I- in front of zip codes. In the UK it’d cause problems since our post codes have one or two letters at the front.

    City is always before Zip code too.

    See, I told you it wasn’t easy. grin

  45. norbolig

    45norbolig |posted June 4 2008

    UK is special in many ways! grin (also for keeping left side driving, your own measurment units, etc. etc.).

    I am still certain that most other european have approx. the same address format.

  46. multipasko

    46multipasko |posted June 4 2008

    Please, don’t forget about importing configurable products from Excel.
    It is NOT working at all :(

  47. DancePlus

    47DancePlus from Toronto, ON Canada|posted June 4 2008

    This Canadian is very grateful. Thanks!

  48. RoyRubin

    48RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted June 5 2008

    Thank you everyone for the feedback and the kind words. As you can see - the responses are varied and feature requests are quite long. We’ll continue to push forward and expand Magento in the months to come.

  49. SeL

    49SeL from Paris, France|posted June 5 2008

    Thanks a lot Magento team !

    If one needs to change address format, please take a look at this thread.

  50. jan212

    50jan212 |posted June 5 2008

    Very nice, especially that you keep your eyes prior focussed on improving performance… Also the EU-tax related thing would be a very important and nice thing to have and again i’m really happy to see a roadmap like dis smile
    Pure romance.

  51. onePack

    51onePack from Amsterdam|posted June 5 2008

    Nice work for sure.

    What I don’t read is anything about bugfixing. I ran into some problems while configuring the webshop. When I searched for solutions on the magento site I could see I wasn’t the only one running into the same issues.  wink
    For instance, I got a 404 on the front and back end after setting the webshop language. I had to digg into the database and restore the default values in order to approach my site again. Another thing is I’m missing category listing on pages. Last thing is the menu.. you should be able to select an item to be displayed in the menu or not.

    Overall, I’m still very positive about magento and will try to profide solutions whenever I can to improve it.

  52. peterw83

    52peterw83 |posted June 5 2008

    @ Magento Team:

    For the web services API you say it will support the “sales modules”.  Can you help me understand what specifically that includes?  Will it allow us to pull order details to process an order or shipment through a 3rd party?

    Any information on what specifically will be support with the sales module api features would be very helpful.  Thanks!

  53. sonowiam

    53sonowiam |posted June 7 2008

    This will get really interesting! Youré doing everything right guy´s! Awesome work! This release contains alot of things we have been waiting for! Keep up the good work!

  54. sherrie

    54sherrie from Waterloo, ON|posted June 9 2008

    Hooray for performance improvements!!!

  55. dracnet

    55dracnet from Barcelona (Spain)|posted June 11 2008

    when is going to be available the next 1.1 version ?

  56. norbolig

    56norbolig |posted June 11 2008

    @dracnet: “expected at the end of June/early July.”

  57. brandondrew

    57brandondrew |posted June 11 2008

    For anyone who is paying attention to the text posted but didn’t watch the screencast, virtual products are delayed and will NOT be available with 1.1, but are supposed to follow soon after.  (I realize some commenters alluded to this in their comments, but I’m stating it explicitly, and using the term “virtual products” as used in the text of the post, so searching the page or googling for that text will bring you to this note.)

    @Varien:  it would be helpful if you could correct the text in the post to reflect what was stated in the screencast, so no one is expecting downloadable products in late June/early July, along with 1.1.0

  58. Alexis Bellido

    58Alexis Bellido |posted June 12 2008

    Exactly. I understood ‘virtual products’ were ‘downloadable products’, Anyway, I guess that will be coming quite soon because it seems a much requested featured in the community.

    It would be great if the development guys could tell us what are their plans regarding downloadable products.


  59. Colin Mattson

    59Colin Mattson |posted June 15 2008

    @DaveAllen: It’s easy to implement Minimum Advertised Pricing.

    Add a new product attribute named “map”, of type “price”, and change your frontend templates to display either “Add to Cart” or the actual price depending on what the price is.

    Bam, done. Total time is maybe five minutes, tops. (If your MAP agreements are more restrictive, as some of mine are, you can also display the MAP instead of “add to cart for lower price” text.)

  60. porterhouse

    60porterhouse |posted June 15 2008

    web api for export of orders is critical.  thanks for including it.  better control of cms pages would be good.  for example, we have instructions and lots of content-type pages that are loaded as cms pages, but they are difficult to categorize and manage.  so, front-end categories would be a good start for cms pages.


  61. Adjustware

    61Adjustware |posted July 2 2009

    if it would be possible to include a delivery calendar?
    .  We have finally decided to develop a custom module to give customers ability to select a delivery date.  The module is available at the magento connect.
  62. modulesformagento

    62modulesformagento from Los Angeles, CA|posted November 26 2009

    Hey Everyone, we have actually just completed our “call for price” module, it removes the price and add to cart button and replaces the price with text. By default the text reads “please call for price” but it can be easily changed on each piece. I would love some feedback and hopefully this helps for all of your requests.

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