Tradition Plus Innovation Yields Record Growth for DiBruno Bros.


In the late 1930’s, Danny and Joe DiBruno came to Philadelphia from Italy to build their fine meats and cheeses business. Seventy-five years later, Di Bruno Bros. is still a thriving enterprise and an honest-to-goodness American success story.

Authenticity is what customers are looking for in a purveyor of gourmet foods. But when it comes to creating an online presence, innovation is the key. And that’s what DiBruno Bros.’ website was missing.

To remedy this, Di Bruno Bros. hired Magento Solution Partner O3 World, who in turn chose Magento Enterprise Edition as the site’s new platform.

The new site has a beautiful, intuitive design that perfectly reflects the company’s brand identity.

The blog is integrated with the site in such a way that allows customers to purchase products directly from posts. Custom shopping cart, checkout, and multi-address features faithfully recreate DiBruno Bros.’ unique in-store experience.

Di Bruno Bros.’ reinvented site was completed in time for the big holiday rush and has been a resounding success across the board.

Overall, there was a 39% increase in online revenue. On “Cyber Monday” alone, there was a 65% spike in sales.

These results prove once again that when old world values meet new world technology, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished.

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