Recent Jobs Posted in the Magento Job Board

I Want It Now LTD is looking for a Ecommerce web developer, project manager for Magento template integration.

Version-X Design is looking for a freelance developer for ongoing e-commerce projects

Bonobos is looking for a Senior Developer--Magento Ninja

Handcoded is looking for a Freelance Developer needed for ongoing Magento projects

avodi GmbH is looking for a Magento Developer for a simple site

Westix Online is looking for a New Site Setup / Add-ons

HDO is looking for a Product Feed Import / Upload

Australian WIne Centre is looking for a Magento set up assistance

avodi GmbH is looking for a PHP developer with magento experience

concrete5 is looking for PHP developers with serious Magento experience for integration with concrete5

K9 Media Ltd is looking for help with a UK based online pet store


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