Preview: Product Image Management Tool

Magento’s next release will feature an updated image management tool. In this video, we go through the process of uploading multiple images at once. Below is a breakdown of the fields in the page:

  • Small - Used in category listing / wishlist, etc.
  • Thumbnail - Used in shopping cart and related items.
  • Main - Large product image (zoomed in).
  • Custom Image - Currently not used in the default interface but may be used in customizations and future interfaces.
  • Exclude - Excludes the image from the slideshow / more views functionality.
  • Remove - Deletes the image from the collection.
  • Label - Alt value for the image tag.
  • Sort Order - The order in which the images are displayed in the slideshow / more views functionality.

The image sizes will be based on values that are set in the template tags and additional image locations may be set through a configuration file (more info on that later). Image resizing will be automated through the use of GD library.

It is important to note that image type and data should be specified for each store view.

Hope you like it!


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User Comments

  1. iguru

    1iguru from Děčín, Czech Republic|posted February 22 2008

    Waw. It’s wery nice function. Well done.

  2. WebAddict

    2WebAddict from Chandler, AZ|posted February 22 2008

    Awesome, I am looking forward to this.

  3. SeanCulver

    3SeanCulver from Chiang Mai, Thailand|posted February 23 2008

    Once again, over the top with the cool features! Great job.

  4. Loïc

    4Loïc from Paris, France|posted February 23 2008

    Wow, impressive. I love this.

  5. Ron Seigel

    5Ron Seigel from Ottawa, ON|posted February 23 2008

    Will it include the ability to upload one large image and then automatically create the other required images? I’m thinking of the functionality that Image Handler provides for Zen Cart.

  6. LorenzoG

    6LorenzoG |posted February 23 2008

    I love it! Great job. smile

  7. i960

    7i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted February 23 2008

    @Ron:  I’m pretty sure that’s the idea. That’s what the use of the GD library is for.

    What I would like to see is automatic watermarking as well, such as what the phpThumb() script does, but that will likely be a custom modification provided by the community.

  8. YoavKutner

    8YoavKutner |posted February 25 2008

    @i960 - We are going to have an automatic watermarking released in our next release.



  9. Ross

    9Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted February 25 2008

    This looks really good!  I was wondering if the back-end will also control the way images are resized (for example: setting the x and y size of the small and main image)?

  10. Michael

    10Michael |posted February 25 2008

    @Ross - it is supposed to be controlled from the design templates using helpers, as image sizes most probably should depend on design.

    Thank you,

  11. i960

    11i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted February 25 2008

    Yoav, that’s very good news!  I know watermarking isn’t that difficult to do so I would have been fine adding it myself, but that’s one more thing I can check off my to-do list.

  12. dfo

    12dfo |posted February 25 2008

    It is a good option, but maybe it is a idea to automatically let Magento resize the pictures like ePages does. That’s very handy and you only need to opload 1 file.

  13. RoyRubin

    13RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted February 25 2008

    @dfo - This is available in the next release.

  14. dfo

    14dfo |posted February 25 2008

    Cool! It’s getting better and better! Wow.

  15. truckerdeluxe

    15truckerdeluxe from Santa Monica, Ca.|posted February 25 2008

    Hey - Does anyone know what software is being used for this screencast?

  16. RoyRubin

    16RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted February 25 2008

  17. truckerdeluxe

    17truckerdeluxe from Santa Monica, Ca.|posted February 25 2008

    @RoyRubin - swheat - thanks!

  18. Xel

    18Xel |posted March 6 2008

    What I would really like to have is a feature for using images with configurable products

    Just one example:
    You have a shop and sell clothes.
    You have a shirt, which has 3 different color-schemes
    Fire Red/White/Brown
    the user may choose one of them - it would be really nice to have some Pics (maybe with a text at there bottom, maybe not - both should be possible) with radiobuttons to choose one of the images.

    There are many more possibilitys, where one would like such a feature, since many things can be described far better by using an image than by using words.

  19. iguru

    19iguru from Děčín, Czech Republic|posted March 12 2008

    hm i have version 0.8.17240 and this function me not work hmmm if i upload images images no uploaded and product have no images.

  20. julnepht

    20julnepht |posted March 13 2008

    Xel brings out a very good point.(comment #18)
    I would really dig a feature like this, anything planned down the road ?

  21. Xel

    21Xel |posted March 13 2008

    To be precise I allready programmed this feature for my OS-Commerce Shop, cause I had no chance in working without it. I would have not use for any shop system which doesn’t offer this feature. I even inserted a Lightbox-Popup on click on that Image to show it in a nice size.

  22. NoStress Commerce

    22NoStress Commerce from Prag, Czech republic|posted March 13 2008

    I have problem with uploading images ... maybe I have tu setup the permissions for some folders? after clicking on upload files I got only option “remove” in fed field

  23. Albert

    23Albert |posted April 1 2008

    I have a problem with the different product sizes my friend’s shop has. There are for example skis and shoes. Skis are veryyyy long and pretty small, which you can not say for shoes. So if he wants to show skis at the home page they would appear in those small boxes like a small line - almost not recognizable. On the other side with shoes there would be no problem. So the solution would be to have bigger boxes for skis and the standard size for shoes. But this would not look pretty good and probably is not programmable.

    Is there a solution to this?

  24. Xel

    24Xel |posted April 1 2008


    Just make a photo of the Skis were not the whole ski is visible but the nose of the skies.

    That *does* look pretty and makes the skis visible. Jap that may be not the prefered method but there is no other way to keep layout consistent and skies visible.

  25. Albert

    25Albert |posted April 1 2008

    Then I have to use two different pictures for every ski: One with the ski nose only for the home page and the other with the whole ski for the detail picture, right? Is this possible?

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