“Open Source eCommerce: Finally, a Decent Option”

Why is this Magento important? In the past, there have been few plausible options for PHP/open source developers in regards to eCommerce implementation ... Enter Magento. It features a very functional/flexible design, utilizing CSS standards, and it also happens to be very attractive. Its a quantum leap in open source eCommerce options. This product looks nothing short of amazing - you should check it out.

A snippet from Benjamin Reece’s blog, deltree

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  1. ecommerce-store

    1ecommerce-store from Roma|posted May 23 2008

    Yes yes, we know that magento are the future but please i would that the future come fastly !!!!!

  2. saturnin

    2saturnin |posted May 26 2008

    I would like to use Magento, but it has not working import of configurable products, despite of “solved” bug. Maybe in the future? What are the key features then?

  3. kelebek

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