Off Topic: New Zend Framework Site Design by Varien


Zend released a new design today for the Zend Framework site. Varien redesigned the site to match the occasion of the release of version 1.5 of the Zend Framework, while still keeping the navigation and layout of the site as people were used to. Varien also produced the HTML coding for the redesign.

And if you haven’t already, you can read a case study on Varien’s use of the Zend Framework for the development of Magento.

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  1. _

    1_ |posted March 18 2008

    Excellent work ! But please better focus on Magento smile).

  2. A6DvCVeA

    2A6DvCVeA |posted March 18 2008

    Now with more starburst!

    But seriously, kudos on the bevel.  Too many designers these days shy away from the tried and true Photoshop filters.

  3. Jonathan Hedrén

    3Jonathan Hedrén from Sweden|posted March 18 2008

    Nice work!

    A bit more ON topic:
    Will Magento be “ported” to ZF 1.5?

  4. Moshe

    4Moshe from Los Angeles|posted March 18 2008

    @Jonathan: from :

    “The most up-to-date working copy of Zend Framework is the trunk”

    That’s what we use for now smile

  5. Jonathan Hedrén

    5Jonathan Hedrén from Sweden|posted March 18 2008

    Ok, great smile

  6. Juxecl

    6Juxecl |posted March 18 2008

    Nice work.

    The previous design was difficult to navigate with Safari because the page elements overlapped. This is great, easier to get to the information. Um, yeah, and it looks good too wink

  7. Scott

    7Scott from Northwest Ohio|posted March 18 2008

    Bevels are so 1990s wink

  8. warren

    8warren |posted March 18 2008

    I dont know, maybe we are witnessing the return of bevel coolness - note to self - dig out the alien skin plugins wink

  9. varienchris

    9varienchris |posted March 18 2008

    @ A.Piotrowski: Don’t worry, we are focusing day and night on Magento and have other resources working on non-Magento projects as well.This is not affecting the progress on Magento.

    @everyone else: glad you like the design, and whats the problem with trying to bring a little 3D awesomeness to a 2D format?  smile

  10. Roy Andre

    10Roy Andre |posted March 18 2008

    I agree its abit offtopic, but its not THAT offtopic. Remember that Magento is based on Zend, and it seems like Magento has a pretty tight relationship with Zend/PHP, which isnt a bad thing at all.

    When talking about 2D, 3D and other totally offtopic subjects; I just came to remember 4D Boxing ( Now, _that_ was good times! Hopefully Varien/Magento can bring us as good times as those back in the early 90s wink

  11. geling

    11geling |posted March 19 2008

    Great. The gradients / bevel look good. At risk of sounding like a semantic nut-case however, a suggestion would be to use semantic naming for the markup (please don’t hit me).

    Overall, looks great.

  12. Jonathan Hedrén

    12Jonathan Hedrén from Sweden|posted March 19 2008

    I am a semantic nut-case cool grin and I agree with geling about the markup. The (sometimes) non-semantic markup in Magento’s demostore annoys me a bit too, but I don’t want to complain because everyone at Varien developing Magento is doing a great job overall smile

  13. Scott

    13Scott from Northwest Ohio|posted March 19 2008

    Seems like there are still some bugs to fix:

  14. ZipfelAndy2008

    14ZipfelAndy2008 |posted March 19 2008

    Wow, the Zend-Framework website looks great!!! I love it =) And finally the new version of Zend Framework is out...perfect!!!

    See ya
    Best regards

  15. tzCart

    15tzCart from NW Ohio–USA|posted March 20 2008

    One little baby error is keeping the homepage from validating. Not using “&” on line 188.
    The layout/design is just awesome, love it.
    It is clean and bright!

  16. Crucial

    16Crucial from Phoenix, AZ|posted March 26 2008

    Looks very nice, only problem (and the same goes for the Magento site and the application, including installation pages), it obviously hasn’t been looked at in Opera…

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