New Magento Community Site is Here!

We are very excited to announce the release of the all new Magento Community site which includes many great new features to serve the Magento community.

Partner Directory

Find a Magento Partner to assist with customizing your store, host your site or create a new theme in the Partner Directory. If you are interested in joining the Magento Partner Program you can read more on the benefits, or sign-up today.

Professional Services and Support

As the developers of Magento, Varien can help your company leverage the maximum power of Magento to achieve your business goals. Find out more about the services offered by Varien, or our professional support plans.

Magento Connect

Magento Connect is the marketplace for the exchange of community and commercial Magento extensions. Browse extensions to enhance your Magento store's functionality.

Magento Store

Purchase a Job Board Posting, upgrade your community membership or have a professional install Magento for you today from the Magento Store.

Community Pro Membership

Show your support for the Magento project by upgrading your membership. You'll also receive access to a dedicated community forum and priority support from the Magento community.

Job Board

Where Magento store owners, designers and developers come together. View Job Postings and apply for Magento-related jobs.


Read more about the first training course offered through our partnership with php|architect, or sign up for ”Developing with Magento” today.

Professional Installation

Receive professional installation from the Magento team by visiting the store.


Stay up to date on the features which will be part of the future versions of Magento.

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User Comments

  1. Sprout Collective

    1Sprout Collective from Portland, OR / Orange County, CA|posted April 3 2008

    Incredible job, guys, it looks awesome!

  2. piotrekkaminski

    2piotrekkaminski |posted April 3 2008

    Cool! Looks great!

  3. medic

    3medic from Sydney|posted April 3 2008

    Looks great smile

  4. Travis

    4Travis |posted April 3 2008

    Excellent job Varien.  Is the site still primarily powered by ExpressionEngine?

  5. RoyRubin

    5RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted April 3 2008

    Expression Engine is still in the background for parts of the site. Magento powers the store.

  6. Josue4ever

    6Josue4ever from Mexico DF|posted April 3 2008

    wows looks amazing!!! Great job

  7. TheRec

    7TheRec from Lausanne, Switzerland|posted April 3 2008

    It looks superb ! Great work. I hope to see many many extensions in a near future in Magento Connect :D

  8. Roy Andre

    8Roy Andre |posted April 3 2008


  9. Crucial

    9Crucial from Phoenix, AZ|posted April 3 2008

    Looks really great guys! By the way, is Magento integrated with EE, or are they running separately but sharing styling? Any plans on an EE ecommerce integration *wink wink*

  10. bytestorm

    10bytestorm |posted April 3 2008

    heh… nice =)

  11. bigodines

    11bigodines from Brazil|posted April 3 2008

    congratulations guys, the site looks great!

    thumbs up!

  12. Jonathan Hedrén

    12Jonathan Hedrén from Sweden|posted April 3 2008

    Nice work! Take a look at the background on with Opera though…

  13. Sean Yeomans

    13Sean Yeomans from Winnipeg|posted April 3 2008

    Right on, so much movement going on. I only just YESTERDAY discovered Magento and I was a convert instantly (not hard when you’re beating your head against ZenCart). I love the new design, tho I liked the old one yesterday as it was new to me smile

    However, am I high, or are the Screencasts concerning the Themes/Layouts that were up yesterday now taken down?

  14. adimagento

    14adimagento from Los Angeles, CA|posted April 3 2008

    @Sean - You are not mistaken, we had to remove them temporarily because of technical issues. They will be back shortly.

  15. RoyRubin

    15RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted April 3 2008

    @Crucial - Magento is integrated with Expression Engine - yes. In terms of releasing an extension, our work here is not ready as generic extension that can be used out of the box. We do intend to release this sometime in the future.

  16. Sean Yeomans

    16Sean Yeomans from Winnipeg|posted April 3 2008

    oh ok thanks for getting back to me. You should put up a message in the link box (on the Designers home page) stating as much, I spent about an hour hunting around thinking they were maybe just moved.

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