Multiple Stores, One Checkout? With Magento You Can!

image has recently updated its homepage to reflect an exciting new feature on its sites that allows users to shop Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Piperlime using a single checkout process for all stores.

This is a great feature that is already included in Magento’s out-of-the-box functionality. We’re excited to start seeing community implementations taking advantage of this mall functionality.



- Video: Creating Multiple Online Storefronts (Part 1)
- Video: Creating Multiple Online Storefronts (Part 2)

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  1. Crucial

    1Crucial from Phoenix, AZ|posted May 23 2008

    Oh cool, I forgot Magento could do that!

    It kind of reminds me of how you can use your Amazon ID to purchase things on participating stores, like Target. Is that the same thing that’s going on here? Or is this just bringing everything back to a central checkout location, e.g.

  2. Buddha993

    2Buddha993 |posted May 23 2008

    wow these shops are great!! gap looks verry smoothe with all the effects. The singe page is cool with new picture effects and the “add size” function. how’s that made? great great. But the shop is so slow. Is it because i’m overseas? maybe… I hope for you wink

  3. RoyRubin

    3RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted May 23 2008

    @Buddha993 - Gap, Old Navy, etc. are not a Magento implementation (I hope its clear). We are eluding to similar functionality that can be achieved with Magento out of the box.

  4. YoavKutner

    4YoavKutner |posted May 23 2008

    @Crucial - This is up to the implementation of Magento. By default the customer will checkout from the store he is in, and therefore will have the look and feel of the current store. Although this can be changed if the checkout and cart pages are made to have the same look and feel across all stores. To have the central location, if needed, a good solution would be to have a different domain for all secure pages (and maybe maintain one template for the shopping cart all sores)

    So the short answer is that both are possible with Magento.



  5. RKS Computer Solutions

    5RKS Computer Solutions from South Africa|posted May 23 2008

    After struggling trying to get LightBox going the entire afternoon, is there perhaps a M-Connect add-on coming that could possible do the same as what the GAP site is doing with it’s images?  I thought that was pretty amazing!

  6. lopezandres

    6lopezandres |posted May 28 2008

    Do you have any tutorial that explain how make that GAP do, i mean, different web site and IP different adrress with sames look & feel and same checkuot.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Laurent Bourrel

    7Laurent Bourrel from Ayaline - Poitiers|posted November 6 2008

    I can’t understand how this can work on Magento because each sales order and quotes are directely associated to a store…
    Or do we need n+1 stores ? (1 store by brand for example + 1 store for checkout) ?

  8. tfrancis

    8tfrancis |posted April 13 2009

    Any ideas how one would actually set this up? It would be great to have many store fronts all come back to a single checkout using only one ssl for the whole process .

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