Making the Most of Magento’s Powerful Marketing Tools


Did you know that Magento Enterprise Edition comes with powerful marketing tools designed to help you increase revenue?

Magento’s Customer Segmentation and Targeted Promotions & Merchandising features let you target content and promotions to customers who share common characteristics. By personalizing the customer experience you can increase customer satisfaction, order values, and overall sales.

The Customer Segmentation feature makes it easy to segment customers based on characteristics such as purchase or browsing history, items in wish lists or shopping carts, age, gender, location, and more.

Once you define your customer segments you’ll be able to use Magento’s Targeted Promotions & Merchandising feature to target those customers in several different ways:

  • Create personalized banners highlighting promotions targeting specific customer segments.
  • Define shopping cart price rules based on each customer segment.
  • Export your customer segmentation lists in spreadsheet format and then import them into your email marketing program to create targeted mailings.

For example, a clothing store could display a 30% off promotional banner within its active gear section, targeting women in their 30s who live in California, who previously purchased running shoes, and who spent more than $200 over the last six months. Now that’s segmentation!

Want to take advantage of these powerful features? Here’s how to get started:

1.  To create a new customer segment, navigate to Customers > Customer Segments. Click Add Segment and configure the desired conditions.

2.  To associate a segment with a banner, navigate to CMS > Banners, click Add Banner or select an existing Banner
from the grid. Then select Specified from the Customer Segments drop-down menu.

3.  To associate a segment to a shopping cart price rule, navigate to Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules and click
Add New Rule. Then select Conditions and choose the desired Customer Segment.

4.  To generate a spreadsheet report, navigate to Customers > Customer Segments and select an existing Customer
Segment from the grid. Then, click the Matched Customers tab. The list of customers can be exported to CSV or Excel by selecting Export from the drop-down menu.

Whether you run a small store or a multichannel business, Magento’s powerful marketing features can give you an advantage over the competition while helping you build your business.

Learn more about the powerful features and benefits Magento Enterprise Edition has to offer.

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