Magento’s First Community QA Day!

The CAB has been hard at work behind the scenes, planning some new initiatives for the community.  Today, I am glad to announce that next Thursday, 23 April will be our first Community QA Day.  Many community members who have contacted us over the last few weeks have been eager to get involved and most seem to have expressed an interest in helping contribute to quality assurance, since thats something that even a newbie can participate in and have an immediate effect.  After many discussions and some tweaking on the backend, we have something planned--A Field Trip!! 

We are going hunting--Bug Hunting!

Our first QA Day is going to be centered around working on the bug tracker and bugs themselves.  A large part of the development bottleneck revolves around the bug tracking system, and finding, verifying and fixing bugs.  Many bugs come in as duplicate and require much time to close, others require even more time to verify.  As our first community QA effort we thought there would be nothing easier and more valuable to contribute time and effort to amongst the other activities taking place that day.

If you are interested in being involved, please with a subject line of “Community QA Day #1”, so that we can start organizing ourselves.  The schedule calls for us to get started at a bright and early 6AM Pacific Time, which is 9AM on the east coast and 1PM/13:00 if youre in Europe/UTC.  More details will be forthcoming, probably over the weekend, when our plans and (online) gathering spot are finalized.  Until then, save the date, mark your calendars and synchronize watches!

Koby smile

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  1. dwdonline

    1dwdonline from Playa del Rey|posted April 15 2009

    I have a question… Why have you still not fixed the checkout? The checkout is VERY flawed - every knows it. It causes (from a number of users tests) loosing 80 - 90 percent of orders.

  2. ron33

    2ron33 |posted April 15 2009

    @dwdonline - pure nonsense. I’ve seen nothing but increase in conversions since launching on Magento. You probably screwed something up in your checkout process by hacking the core. Good luck to you.

    In any case, did you read this blog post. Are you contributing anything or just complaining? If you have a problem, join and help.

  3. dwdonline

    3dwdonline from Playa del Rey|posted April 15 2009

    @ron33 - What platform where you running before? I thought it was bs when I read others saying that. But as a developer with over 13 years, I’m not just some guy trying to set up a store.

    I think Magento is an awesome program, but this one really huge gaping hole is bad. I have developed 7 magento sites. I make it a practice NEVER hack the core. So there is no way I could have messed something up. It’s just that the checkout is very confusing and hard for many. For me, it’s fine. But I’m technical and well, most customers of my customers are not. In all tests we have run the other ones have outperformed the Magento on orders. People abandon their orders in magento whereas they place most of them in osCommerce or Shopp (for WP).

  4. i960

    4i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted April 15 2009

    I haven’t launched yet on Magento so I have no numbers to back it up, but I can’t see how Magento’s checkout process could possibly be worse than osCommerce, unless customers have javascript disabled or something. osCommerce has one of the worst checkout processes I have ever seen and I spent countless house tweaking it to flow properly.  But then again, I’m a technical person so I probably think different than the typical customer.

  5. dwdonline

    5dwdonline from Playa del Rey|posted April 15 2009

    I used osCommerce with one-page checkout - I had it down to a science I guess. Also, Cre is different than osCommerce - and I don’t really care for it. It’s just frustrating that there is no control over the checkout process. It’s something in the roadmap, but it is something that really needs to be addressed. We cannot expect every customer to have the perfect configuration. I’ve run the tests trying one of my customers sites in osCommerce, then Magento, then WordPress with Shopp. I think having the ability to have a true one-page checkout and other options would be awesome. There are other issues with the checkout such as the fact that the default it to have them enter a 2nd address for shipping! That is just wrong. Most people will be and ship to the same address and I have found (even though it is clear to me) that this is confusing to many customers. This seems to be the number one complaint with magento though.

  6. dwdonline

    6dwdonline from Playa del Rey|posted April 15 2009

    I think what Magento needs to do, it one - either follow the industry published reports on proper checkout, or two, ask set up a forum topic and ask for input on checkout and then the community could move forward with this.

  7. dwdonline

    7dwdonline from Playa del Rey|posted April 15 2009

    Sorry to post again - but it will not let me edit. Varien even says a one-page checkout is good! Checkout MUST work on all platforms - all browsers.

  8. ron33

    8ron33 |posted April 15 2009

    @dwdonline - Something with your story doesn’t sound right. 13 years of experience and the best you can do is a wordpress plugin as an example of eCommerce?

    In any case, the large companies that are launching on Magento and the results that I’ve seen paint a completely different picture.

    I am sure the community team here would be interested in your testing results and feedback if you do have any meaningful data to share, nonetheless.

    all the best.

  9. i960

    9i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted April 15 2009

    But Magento DOES have a one page checkout.  It just doesn’t all appear at the same time.  I personally think that is better because it keeps the customer focused on the task at hand instead of being overwhelmed by all the information they need to enter.  My biggest complaint is the requirement of javascript to checkout.  I’m not sure how much work it would be to display all steps on the same page, but I doubt it’s much.  All of the HTML is there, it just appears to be hidden by style="display:none;" on various elements.  I don’t know what would happen if you removed those but it would be worth a shot.  You are right that by default “Ship to different address” is selected, but I’m sure it would only require a minor modification to change that.

    I think Magento is fantastic right out of the box.  It just needs a little massaging to meet each store’s specific requirements.

  10. J.T.

    10J.T. from London-ish, UK|posted April 15 2009

    Let’s get the comments back on topic!

    As far as the community helping with bug/issue tracking and hopefully solving goes, how about a Digg style system where we can “vote” to have issues important to us rise to the top and where we can help vote down duplicates or blatant user-error phantom bugs?

    Basically, we can try and peer-review bugs submitted to help filter these before they are brought to the attention of busy core developers. We can pre-filter them, squash a few of them, prioritize them all before Varien’s team gets to see them. Heck, maybe even solve them.

    With some kind of Experts Exchange like leader board, people may even feel spurred on to do more, as they are getting some fame from it (also allowing partners to boost their profiles by being seen to be participating actively as they shoot up the bug-assisting leader board).

    Basically, give us easy ways to contribute and a lot of us will.

    A similar deal can work for documentation. Like issue lists, we can have “documentation requests” where we can all add ala bug, our documentation requests and vote other people’s requests up and down. Now Varien or community members or Magento partners can pick the most popular requests and write the documentation, giving the contributor some fame in a leader board or “author info box”. Contributor gets a little reward (potentially worth a lot to partners) and the community get the documentation they need most.

    This removes Varien from judging what is important as the community will decide what’s important, leaving the code ninja’s to work on what’s perceived as most important. Everybody is happy.

  11. Scott

    11Scott from Northwest Ohio|posted April 15 2009

    Guys, it’s clear that this post is about QA for the community site not Magento… at least at this point in time.

  12. Koby Oz

    12Koby Oz |posted April 17 2009

    @Scott I am not sure what you mean by QA for the community site.  This is about QA for Magento.

  13. Koby Oz

    13Koby Oz |posted April 17 2009

    @J.T. This is exactly the point of the bug day, to help go the bug system and weed out duplicates, mark things as trivial, etc.  This is just the start, my hope is that after a few of these we can put together a QA team who works on this solidly.

  14. Scott

    14Scott from Northwest Ohio|posted April 17 2009

    Koby, this clearly has “community site” written all over it:

    “Our first QA Day is going to be centered around working on the bug tracker and bugs themselves.  A large part of the development bottleneck revolves around the bug tracking system, and finding, verifying and fixing bugs.  Many bugs come in as duplicate and require much time to close, others require even more time to verify.  As our first community QA effort we thought there would be nothing easier and more valuable to contribute time and effort to amongst the other activities taking place that day.”

  15. keglevich

    15keglevich |posted April 20 2009

    I already posted some bugs in the Bug Tracker regarding translations for some strings in frontend/backend which can’t be translated, but I sadly didn’t receive any response from development team in more than a month! I managed to fix some things myself, but as I’m not PHP programmer I didn’t succeed to fix everything.
    Therefore I am wondering who is the right person to talk to about this issue? I can send PM with all bugs discovered (10 to 20 of them) as I already posted in bug tracker. The best thing for me would be if someone can explain me how to track down those bugs and fix them so I can help myself as this help here on the forums/bug tracker is definitely too slow for me…

    Thank you!

    P.S. One of the bugs concerns file /magento/app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/etc/config.xml where most of the strings strings (like “Simple Product”, “Virtual Product”, “Radio Buttons”, etc.) don’t show translations in the backend.

  16. Magento King

    16Magento King from Toronto,Ontario,Canada|posted April 23 2009

    I’m interesting about Magento web application testing. Could someone help me to find BRD (Business Requirement Document) and FRD (Functional Requirement Document) for Magento? I want to build a TRD (Testing Requirement Document ) for further testing purposes because TRD is the first step for those people who are doing softwares testing work. Then we can build test plans and test cases beased on TRD, right?

    Any idea about Magento testing strategy and testing framework is big welcome.


  17. thE_iNviNciblE

    17thE_iNviNciblE from Oldenburg|posted April 23 2009

    i’m very interessed in a better communication flow ...this was mentioned by Rico on the german magento metting in leipzig wink

    for bug reporters it’s nearly impossible to follow all the reported bugs… because they aren’t listed under my magento dashboard.

    i think email notifycation is a simple good solution grin

    @Magento let the bugtracker more then a tracker it should be improved some behaviour, like vote for a bug fix for the next release…

  18. keglevich

    18keglevich |posted April 28 2009

    And yes, meeting was postponed. New date should be know a few days ago but for now not a single word from Mr. Koby Oz, who was organising this event.
    However, I got used to “ignorant” behaviour from Magento development team, as I was posting in the forums for the past few months and never received a single answer.
    It is a shame that such a great product have such an ignorant team who is only looking to make a great profit ($$$), therefore developing enterprise versions and probably in the future abandoning or maybe “put aside” this great free version…

    ...just my two cents.

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