Magento wins ‘Best of Open Source Enterprise Applications’


Magento is on a roll with the latest winning of ‘Best of Open Source Enterprise Applications (E-Commerce)’ in Infoworld’s annual BOSSIE Awards. The awards “recognize the best free and open source software the world has to offer to businesses, IT professionals, and productive individuals who rely on computers to get work done.”

Selected by InfoWorld’s editorial and test center staff, other winners in the enterprise category include Alfresco, dotProject, JasperReports, Pentaho, and SugarCRM.

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  1. R22B

    1R22B |posted August 4 2008

    Congratulations Magento team! Well deserved!

    But I guess they have yet to upgrade Magento wink

  2. Guido Jansen

    2Guido Jansen from The Netherlands|posted August 4 2008


  3. jackstraw

    3jackstraw from Carbondale,Colorado|posted August 4 2008

    Congrats.  Perhaps now the dev’s can stop what they are doing for second and help a few of the hundreds of people completely lost on the forums.  I am apparently one of the lucky ones as I am not really having any issues.

    That said, however, the support on the forums is non existent.  I am doing what I can to help people but I am not really a high level programmer.  It is also my observation that folks who are high level programmers are too busy trying to make their own Magento installs work properly to help out.

    If the staff could find the whereabouts to help out a bit, the community would take care of itself. In the meantime, it simply can’t.  It is very hard to help folks when core functions don’t work properly like the downloader.  Which incidentally is wreaking some serious havoc.

    So, since this stuff is so new, we really need some input from the creators.  I am more than happy to help folks but Magento can’t expect to thrive if they don’t have any sort of presence within the community.  Additionally, the Magento(team) can’t expect people to sift through every line of code in order to solve what is likely a 5 minute issue for the folks who built it in the first place.

    But I merely opine..., back to trying to sort out why the downloader imposes incorrect permissions and breaks 8 out of 10 sites upon upgrade.

  4. warren

    4warren |posted August 5 2008

    You Know its easy to beat on folks when they are trying to do somthing new and groundbreaking.

    I have huge respect for the work completed so far and its been a great achievement and well deserving of its accolades.

    However, i have to admit im starting to agree with the above sentiment (Jackstraw). The forums used to be very active with varien staff, now i rarely see a post from them.

    I know this is deliberate to drive up subscriptions, but i dont feel its in the spirit of an opensource project.

    Many many questions are being asked over and over again (searching the forums is becoming a joke as its all questions and few answers.

    @Roy it would make life alot easier for everyone (including you guys) if you could organise a ‘forum week’ where you try to work through lots of unanswered questions etc and answer them (maybe have the moderators combine threads)

    The resource is becoming poluted, and the community is going to quickly become disenfrachised as it can see the features but not the support.

  5. jackstraw

    5jackstraw from Carbondale,Colorado|posted August 5 2008

    I certainly hope I didn’t sound like I was trying to beat on anyone.  I am just trying to create a bit of discourse.
    I could be a bit more helpful if my setups had issues.  I have been fortunate in that regard apparently.

    “Forum week” is a pretty sound idea Warren! Let’s cross our fingers.  Heck, cell phones, laptops, grill.  Make it fun.

    My point is,accolades or not, without a thriving, happy community, you have nothing.  The folks who voted for Magento are the same group of people who are left blowing in the wind on the forum.  This does not bode well for anyone. It’s really that simple.

    Furthermore, when new folks pick up on Magento and hit the forums for an answer to something....well, you know where I am headed there, an angry mob with no staff and more unanswered questions than you could shake a stick at.

    I hope that clears things up.  I like Magento and don’t have too many issues, if any for that matter. 
    I am also very appreciative of the development teams efforts.  I have my own internal cart that does alot of what Magento does.  I am aware of what is involved to develop something of that scope.


  6. cdrates

    6cdrates |posted October 29 2009

    Yes this is one of the great product. 

  7. dew_drops

    7dew_drops |posted October 31 2009

    Very pleased to hear this , Wish much more success to magneto. They are doing excellent work.

  8. Cheap Directory Submissions

    8Cheap Directory Submissions |posted November 4 2009

    Congratulations Magento Team!

    Best of Open Source Enterprise Applications is quite an accomplishment!

    Keep it up!

  9. jonny98002

    9jonny98002 |posted November 4 2009

    Where are we going to be at for 2009?  Any predictions?

  10. yournetbiz

    10yournetbiz |posted November 5 2009

    No wonder you have won, the work you do is unbelievable, well done.

  11. ahmaderus

    11ahmaderus |posted November 10 2009


  12. NatalyA

    12NatalyA |posted November 10 2009


  13. teknoloji

    13teknoloji |posted November 11 2009

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  14. samshiz

    14samshiz |posted November 20 2009

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  15. myatabenefits

    15myatabenefits |posted November 23 2009

    Congratulations!..  Magento Team! Very well deserved.

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