Magento Version 0.6.12840 Available for Download (includes PayPal Support)

We are pleased to announce the availability for download of Magento Preview version 0.6.12840. The biggest highlight of the release is PayPal integration (view screencast) and multi-lingual support.


Magento supports two different PayPal methods for use in your websites and stores: PayPal Express, which allows the customer to check out from the PayPal site, and PayPal Direct, which offers credit card processing capability without the customer having to ever leave your store.

With PayPal Express, the customer is transferred to PayPal's checkout from a button in the shopping cart, or from the "Payment Method" section of the Magento checkout process. Upon successfully completing checkout, they are immediately returned to the "Completed Order" page on your store. Customers with a PayPal account looking for a quick checkout may prefer this option.

With PayPal Direct, customers don't need a PayPal account. Instead, customers are prompted to enter their credit card information in the "Payment Method" stage of your store's checkout, taking them seamlessly through the process from beginning to end. With Magento's ability to re-name payment methods, customers don't even need to know they're using PayPal.

Checkout Magento's PayPal functionality in action ...


-- RELEASE NOTES - MAGENTO 0.6.12840 --


Added localization settings:

  • Locale configuration in installation wizard
  • Locale configuration in admin
  • Currency and date formatting

Added translations functionality:

  • Reworked all the templates to take translated values
  • Prepared translation skeletons
  • Implemented English (US) translation

Implemented Paypal payment methods:

  • Website Payments Pro
  • Paypal Express
  • PayPal Direct

Admin permissions implementation mostly rewritten

  • Moved permissions models to 'Admin' module, 'Permissions' module deleted
  • Implemented permissions checking for system configuration section in admin

Added multi store product reviews management functionality

Added multi store ratings management functionality


  • Menu hover color bug fix
  • Fixed error in install template
  • Fixed one-page checkout javascript error
  • Fixed image uploader for Windows
  • Fixed loading install layout from db
  • Fixed layout and payment methods displaying in multiple addresses checkout
  • Empty password was sent in checkout registration email
  • Adding item to wishlist twice caused program exceptions
  • Fixed deleting backups
  • Fixed few newsletter subscription bugs ('My Account' dashboard text, newsletter status in admin)


  • Added few models' setters and getters to increase performance
  • Replaces _initChildren to _prepareLayout and removed _afterSetLayout methods
  • Added Block_Abstract::getBlockHtml method
  • Layouts moved to single file
  • Changed most of the layout updates to be action updates
  • Implemented payment methods sorting
  • Added 'Exclude multi-address checkout' option in payment methods configuration
  • Added 'Save As' function for newsletter templates


  • 3rd level admin menu is broken in IE
  • Coupon discount not shown in order totals in customer account
  • Security warnings when submitting forms from secure to non-secure pages

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User Comments

  1. davedavedave

    1davedavedave |posted October 3 2007

    Awesome work guys, keep it up!

  2. Evghenii

    2Evghenii |posted October 3 2007

    BRAVO! Magnifico Magento! smile

  3. 73inches

    373inches from Germany, Hannover|posted October 3 2007

    Wow, sound great! Thanks for doing a good job!

  4. woodsikov

    4woodsikov from London, UK|posted October 3 2007

    So if I’ve installed a previous version, how do I update my installation - do I download and install over the current one? Will any config files get overwritten that way?

  5. Inline Media

    5Inline Media from The Netherlands|posted October 3 2007

    Very nice job! It’s good to see that you do what you promised to do.
    For example: with osCommerce the development of a new version is stopt for more than a year or so.

    Again, many thanks!

  6. Maff

    6Maff from Yorkshire, UK|posted October 3 2007

    Excellent! The link to the screencast is faulty btw.

  7. tzCart

    7tzCart from NW Ohio–USA|posted October 3 2007

    The link works now, maybe the server was just getting smoked!
    I’ld believe that… PayPal enabled --s-w-eee-t.
    The production level product is getting close to getting the “green light” maybe?

  8. RoyRubin

    8RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted October 3 2007

    Getting closer ... but still some time to go smile

  9. NickL

    9NickL |posted October 3 2007

    Roy… I love you.

  10. NickL

    10NickL |posted October 3 2007

    j/k Great Job Guys! I’m looking forward to the production.. wait till you see what I’ve done to this baby! (Will be updating develophead soon).

  11. Buddha993

    11Buddha993 |posted October 3 2007

    You’re Kings!

    Will Moneybookers and Yellowpay also gets included? These two and paypal are the most used e-payment methods in switzerland. smile


  12. woodsikov

    12woodsikov from London, UK|posted October 3 2007

    Any chance of an answer to my question?

  13. RoyRubin

    13RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted October 3 2007

    @woodsikov - Please see this thread -

  14. Catia

    14Catia |posted October 4 2007

    With the new version, came a slightly new website, but it looks kind of off… I don’t have the time to look into it in detail, but I suspect it has to do with the browser (I use Firefox).  Most of the main section of the page appears in gray, which doesn’t seem right, and the copyright line is displaced and appearing up at the top of the pages…
    Just thought you might want to check your css in Firefox.

    Either way, thanks for the new version to play with smile

  15. RoyRubin

    15RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted October 4 2007

    @C - what Firefox version are you using?

  16. Catia

    16Catia |posted October 4 2007

    Hi Roy,

    I am using Firefox version (like the year!)
    I visited the website in IE and it looks perfect, so it has to be a browser compatibility issue…


  17. i960

    17i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted October 4 2007

    I’m also using Firefox, but the site looks perfect to me.  Everything is nearly identical between Firefox and IE 7, except for some reason the featured screencast image is not loading in IE.  Other than that, no issues here.

  18. john_wilson

    18john_wilson |posted October 5 2007

    I’ve been looking at the latest version of Magento, and it seems like it only supports PayPal Website Payments Pro, not PayPal Website Payments Standard.

    Is that true?

  19. Inline Media

    19Inline Media from The Netherlands|posted October 6 2007

    Can somebody tell me how to activate a new language for example Dutch? Uploaden the files is not enough.

  20. john_wilson

    20john_wilson |posted October 8 2007

    Will Magento ever support PayPal Website Payments Standard?

  21. YoavKutner

    21YoavKutner |posted October 11 2007

    We will add PayPal IPN support over the next few releases

  22. john_wilson

    22john_wilson |posted October 11 2007

    IPN support is good, but that alone would not be enough to enable PayPal Website Payments Standard.

    You guys are aware that there’s a significant difference between PayPal Website Payments Standard and PayPal Website Payments Pro, right?

  23. YoavKutner

    23YoavKutner |posted October 11 2007

    Yes we are aware of it

    thanks smile

  24. joomlavue

    24joomlavue from Singapore|posted April 25 2008

    Any updates on the Paypal Payments Standard?
    Thanks. smile

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    25paypal bingo |posted February 10 2009

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  26. ugg

    26ugg |posted August 21 2009

    I like very much the writings and pictures and explanations in your adress so I look forward to see your next writings.

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