Magento Version 0.6.12510 Available for Download

In this minor release 0.6.12510 we have rewritten the installation wizard, and fixed some minor bugs reported by the community. There are still known issues and bugs that we are working on and expect to resolve them in future versions. There are now two types of packages available - full and light. The full package includes the sample product catalog (including images), and the light version is data free.

Download Magento Version 0.6.12510 or checkout via SVN.

-- RELEASE NOTES - MAGENTO 0.6.12510 --

Rewritten most of the installation wizard:

  • Installation wizard clear config cache
  • The packaged database install included '*' for zipcode in tax rates instead of NULL
  • Added skip URL validation in the installation wizard
  • After installation the configured values for hosts are saved into core_config_data
  • Disabled checking for completed installation in controllers of install module
  • Fixed required php extensions checking
  • Added curl as required extension
  • Changed default mysql setup driver from pdo_mysql to mysqli
  • Removed outdated sql install and upgrade files
  • Fixed ://:/install bug
  • License text overflow in Safari
  • Disabling Continue button if Agree checkbox is not checked
  • Fixed bug with encryption key being accessible after installation

Application Bugfixes:

  • Fixed bug with replace attribute source model
  • Discount amount was not displaying in order review
  • Spelling mistake fixed in catalog/search/grid: synonim -> synonym
  • Product description was not displaying on the product page.
  • After deleting all tier prices while creating a product the system still complained about tier price missing.
  • Changed "Buy N for $" to "Buy N for $ each"
  • Now checking if any review selected before showing details
  • Nested subcategory were not showing in layered navigation
  • Added translation tags in templates where they were missing
  • Added empty values to configuration dropdowns
  • Added attribute_set_id and type_id in configurable product associated grid


  • Introduction of getRowUrl method in customer details grids
  • Added Event.stop in accordion js after opening a section
  • In case it's not possible to switch off magic quotes from php.ini or .htaccess, added a function that does it in runtime.
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User Comments

  1. MS-DOS_1991

    1MS-DOS_1991 from France|posted September 14 2007

    Great !

    Thank you for having taken in account all our feedback about Magento grin

  2. NickL

    2NickL |posted September 14 2007


  3. Niklas Stephenson

    3Niklas Stephenson from Mejlgade 51A, Århus C|posted September 14 2007

    Great work!

  4. Ross

    4Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted September 14 2007

    Very nice to have the choice of the ‘light’ download, thanks.

  5. Daniel

    5Daniel from Hobson|posted September 14 2007


    Keep up the good work!!

  6. Gerry

    6Gerry from Hobson|posted September 14 2007

    You Guys Rock!

  7. Sousa

    7Sousa from Porto, Portugal|posted September 14 2007

    go think… the light download

  8. Daryl

    8Daryl from Hobson|posted September 15 2007

    Shame the bug for image upload in windows isnt fixed :( , but still great work !

  9. Roy Andre

    9Roy Andre |posted September 15 2007

    Magnentonifisent! Will install it later today and play with it.

    One question; Can we, if we really really want to, install this version in a totally non-critical production-environment? In order words, will all future releases be able to _upgrade_ from for example this version?

  10. YoavKutner

    10YoavKutner |posted September 15 2007

    aFFi - we cannot guarantee this.

  11. Primary Numbers

    11Primary Numbers |posted September 15 2007

    To upgrade… we overwrite the current files?

  12. RoyRubin

    12RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted September 15 2007

    @Primary Numbers - you can try, although I recommend you do a fresh install.

  13. koan

    13koan from Hobson|posted September 17 2007

    Is it possible to integrate Magento in another CMS easily? I’m thinking about MODx or similar (’cause e-commerce modules are not free or incomplete)…

  14. RoyRubin

    14RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted September 17 2007

    @koan - theoretically this is possible.

  15. Tracy Floyd

    15Tracy Floyd from Hobson|posted September 17 2007

    OK, I just came across Magento and am *really* excited about it. I’ve felt the pain of other ecommerce apps (OSC, ZenCart, etc.) and this looks awesome.

    Is this being used in any production environments yet? i.e. is it safe for me to try and use for clients now or are there major components still to be released?

    I’ve developed with CakePHP for the past year or so… how big is the leap to using the ZF and why did you choose to use it instead?

  16. Paul

    16Paul from Hobson|posted September 17 2007

    Magento is a godsend!

    I stumbled upon it via, and rejoyed immediately upon checking out the front and backend.

    I hardly see myself modding the backend, it is perfect! Oh yea, the frontend is great too, but I am so glad it has a templating system.

  17. John

    17John from Hobson|posted September 20 2007

    Roy, do you guys have an idea when the next version update will be released?

  18. RoyRubin

    18RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted September 20 2007

    @John - We do not have a firm date for the next update as of yet.

  19. john_wilson

    19john_wilson |posted September 27 2007 any idea yet when the next version release will be?

  20. RoyRubin

    20RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted September 27 2007

    @John - should be within a week or so. We hope to include Paypal support in this release.

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