Magento Tours Now Online …

We’ve recently posted short screencasts showcasing Magento’s back-end and front-end features in action. These are great promotional movies you can embed on your site and share with your friends, clients, colleagues, etc. in an effort to spread the word.

Magento front-end tour:

Magento back-end tour:

You can always view/link to a higher resolution format on the site:

image      image

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  1. chandu

    1chandu |posted November 9 2007

    can any one please explain about the layout configuration file (main.xml) specially about the ussage of
    and the about the attributes used?

    Thanks in advance..


  2. Moshe

    2Moshe from Los Angeles|posted November 9 2007

    <reference> has only “name” attribute and used to create child blocks or run actions on already existing blocks from previous layout updates, as oppose to <block> will create a new block.

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