Magento Support - Our Quality Keeps Soaring

The Magento Customer Support Team is playing more of a major role in helping to win deals. We are very proud to play such an important role in the sales process.

I am often asked how we ensure customers will receive quality service. We have a vigorous quality assurance process in place to both maintain our SLAs and identify how we can improve our support. We monitor wait times for support case, the time it takes to reach first time resolutions and the number of tickets that are escalated to tier-two specialists. This close monitoring provides us with a broad view of our customer support performance.  We’ve synthesized the information we obtain from this process on our internal Support Wiki, and Knowledgebase.  The Wiki and Knowledgebase provide our agents with a searchable written resource that’s reliable and up-to-date. Additionally, customer surveys also play an important role, because they give our customers the opportunity to provide feedback on our support service.

Support Tip - Configuring Reward Points


To learn the basics on configuring the reward points feature, please view this screen cast created by a member of the Magento team:

Please note that Reward Exchange Rates are required to be configured as well in order for the feature to work properly.

1. Go to Customers > Reward Exchange Rates
2. Specify an exchange rate by clicking on “Add New Rate” and make sure to choose the appropriate direction:

  • Currency/Points: the points that can be earned for a purchased amount
  • Points/Currency: the points required to make an equivalent purchase

Here’s to your success with Magento!

Paul Wallace

VP of Customer Support

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