Magento Static Blocks Screencast


Magento’s static blocks are fully customized sections of HTML that can be added to catalog pages in different ways.  In this screencast, we’ll walk you through how to create a static block and show you a few ways it can be implemented into your store.

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  1. Josue4ever

    1Josue4ever from Mexico DF|posted November 30 2007

    i think that is interesting and helpfully. Create static blocks is simple, but n the “category” menu, there is an option about an image.  What is their function?
    And then the hardest thing to learn is the code for the staic blocks. I know that we have to design the layout for this part, but for the designers and newbiess the code is diferent. I think that the most basic blocks must be another way of configuration.
    Its not hard, i think that it can be easily

    Sorry for my english

  2. YoavKutner

    2YoavKutner |posted December 1 2007

    @Josue4ever - The image in the category page is not used in the current design. Some other people use it in their design.

    The code in used in the blocks should be made easier when we release documentation for Magento.



  3. Matteo Raggi

    3Matteo Raggi from Italy|posted January 7 2008

    where I can find a list of all ready blocks? is ready block to publish google advertising?

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