Magento Screencast: Creating Grouped Products

Grouped Products represent a way to market a set of products within a single product page. In the screencast, we go through the process of creating a Simple Product, the basic product type in Magento. We then progress to create a Group Product and associate simple products to form the set.

Grouped product Magento

This is the first of many screencasts we’ll be releasing with the Magento community site later this week. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

... and it may take a while to download (given its ~20 MB size). Get some coffee and enjoy Magento’s first screencast.

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  1. Adrian

    1Adrian from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    Looks great! I noticed a qty field in the video. Does that mean there will be inventory control in the beta 1? I look forward to testing, things are looking fantastic.

  2. enofman

    2enofman from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    It is looking really good folks!!!
    Keep up the good work

  3. Roman

    3Roman from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    For starters, I think it’s quite a good idea to present the upcoming features of Magento in such a video. And this not only at the current previewing stage of the project but also later on as a kind of video manual for people actually using the software (thus, not the IT folks).
    As far as the admin-area is concerned, I like its uncluttered style and the intuitive step-by-step process to setting up a product. Grouping products in such an easy way is also something I’m very much looking forward to because it’s lacking in the OSCommmerce-fork I’m using at the moment. Talking of which, there’s one thing I’d like to stress regarding the handling of images: In the video you announce that in later versions of Magento you’ll be having extended media-handling capabilities. I think this is very important - again for people not so web-savvy who don’t know how to crop images with a standard photo editing software in order to get nice thumbnails which can be uploaded into Magento. But I’m sure you’re perfectly aware of that yourselves grin Keep up the good work, and if there’s anything I can help you with ...

  4. Dave

    4Dave from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    That screencast just made me about 100000x more excited for Magento.  Excellent job!  My only comment was in regards to image uploading, but as it has been mentioned, that will all be revamped in a later I’ll stay silent for now smile

  5. Dave

    5Dave from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    Oh I did think of one thing.  Is there an ability to discount the price lets say if a grouped product was ordered with all of the things.  For example 10% of the set is ordered?

  6. Nick

    6Nick from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    Great Stuff Guys (& Girls… nice to meet you Shannon) Go go Magento!

    Now my thoughts…

    First of all the screencast idea is great, very useful too for end users to get familiar.  The Grouped Products feature does seem to be very useful, and intuitive in setting it up.

    My only immediate question is will it work along with the Excel Import/Export of products? For end users with catalogs of 100-200+ Products, The ability to add products via a .csv/.xls Spreadsheets really helps manage the store. My clients enjoy this feature the most because they can upload many products at once, and it helps because usually new products come in in groups, rather than individually.  Will you be able to add grouped products via the spreadsheet? By way of individual attribute columns?

    Other than that I like the Idea. I’d like to possibly see if customers/visitors can search for these “Grouped Product” sets via the Layered Navigation Filters as well.

    Just a thought.  But overall it looks good. The attribute system, and the ability to add Up-sell/cross sell and multiple images via the NEW Product Screen is great. That part looked awesome.

    Can’t wait to really see it in action.

  7. Robert

    7Robert from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    I can tell you guys and gals one thing is for sure. From what I have seen so far I will be first on the list for making donations to varien. Other open source shopping carts that I have used in the past don’t even come close to matching the simplicity of the grouped products admin panel that I have witnessed here today.

    All I can say is wow! With all of the hard work varien has put into this why is it free??? It boggles the mind!

  8. Fabrizio

    8Fabrizio from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    hi, your project has great potentiality, what about implementing auto-resize for uploaded images? so user won’t have to upload 3 files for every images (must users don’t know how to corretly resize an image)


  9. Austin Storm

    9Austin Storm from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    Are you all working on Sunday at 8 PM? Roy, let them go home! =P

  10. YoavKutner

    10YoavKutner |posted August 26 2007

    Fabrizio - we have this planned for future releases, along side with watermarking functionality.

  11. Martin

    11Martin from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    Oh boy, please lose the music or if you’re going to have it then do the mix between the voice and music right. I got to 2 mins and gave up watching.

  12. Dean

    12Dean from Hobson|posted August 26 2007

    Looking good!

    Re the screencast, I found the background music a little distracting sometimes - I’d fade it down a bit or only have it at the beginning in the intro.

  13. Sebastian

    13Sebastian from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    OMG smile

    As Fabrizio sad. Install some library to make thumbs and watermark automoatic smile

    What is this SKU?

  14. Nick

    14Nick from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    SKU = Product Item #. (For Identification).

    I don’t think it would be to hard to add a 3rd party script to automatically create your Thumbnails, I’ll be looking into this and I’ll post what I find on the community site.

    Development wise… Making Magento Open-Source gives it near unlimited potential if you think about it? I thnk I follow what Roy was talking about in his initial video.  You COULD make magento commercial, and solely rely on the Magento team to improve upon it and keep it in shape. I’m sure they would do a good job judging thus far. 

    OR, you make the source open code and allow it to grow exponentially by way of the thousands of developers and end-users; quicker, faster, and more respected in community since the greater good is more in focus than Just a the money. The money is there in either scenario. But Trust me, there’s a reason why HUGE projects like Digg, Facebook,and Flickr have their recently made their source code open....

  15. Fabrizio

    15Fabrizio from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    @Yoav: great

    @Nick: completelty agree to your lastest sentence smile

  16. mm

    16mm from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    so will this product be made available to the general public by end of august?
    thx smile

  17. Scott

    17Scott from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Expanding on what Nick was saying, there is money to be made in open source ecommerce, for instance partnerships, customizations and hosting, just to name a few. Varien will make money with this system, trust me. Their focus for the time being is on the development of the system. They’ll dive into the other ventures when the time is right (read: after a stable release). smile

  18. Nick

    18Nick from Hobson|posted August 27 2007


    Can you elaborate a bit on which areas of focus the magento team is still developing? Specifically, How functional/stable is the Payment/Processing in the ability to process orders via Google Checkout, Payflow Pro etc. Is there work still to be done in that area?

    I ask becomes I think ultimately the biggest issues for end-users will be “can I collect & process orders”. While many will spend time tweaking and fixing the UI, I think a primary area of concern will be within the Payment process. How is this coming?

  19. Scott

    19Scott from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Nick, payment processing functionality has been developed, but the team has run into some problems in the development process in this area and it still has the potential to be very buggy.

    Obviously the team cannot test every single path that a user may take through the site/ordering process. Also, because of time restrictions this section of the application hasn’t been able to be fully tested. That’s really where the beta testers are needed.

    As we cannot say enough, this is a beta for testing purposes. It will have holes, bugs, security issues, etc. That’s a given. There is still much work to be done in every facet of the system, including payment processing. This is the the start of something great. Just remember: it took Thomas Edison 14 months to create the first practical lightbulb.

  20. Travis

    20Travis from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Looks great, as always,

    My one main concern, and I’m sure it’s something someone will fix pretty quickly, is being able to have several pictures per product page.

    The items we’re selling need all of those details to close the sale, and we have about 6 pictures per product to cover every angle.

    Will it at all be possible with beta1 to manually use say 6 images, even if not through the admin?

  21. Scott

    21Scott from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Travis, there is already support for that, as you can see in the video. It’s very minimal, and the team has some big ambitions with this area of the application, but as of now you can add multiple photos by clicking the button that says “Add New Image” in the photos section of the product panel. Have another look: It’s at 4:30 into the screencast. wink

  22. Nick

    22Nick from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    @Scott (Per you comment on Payment Processing)

    I see, and Trust me I KNOW it’s a huge task, especially with Payment Gateways.  I know you guys are on the ball, you have my faith.

    As far as the development and beta testing this, which gateway needs the most development?  To date, which is the most stable with the current framework? I know Google checkout is very popular now, but may be easier to integrate, or possibly PayFlow. My point is I think as much as the Magento team would like to universally support ALL gateways, it may be necessary to put emphasis on the most stable solution, so developers can work around it and then further support the others. 

    Please provide more details. Look forward to helping to cause.

  23. Scott

    23Scott from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Only the most popular payment methods will be supported up front, and those are the current focus. Of course, from what has been tested, the current methods of payment seem to be working, but again, the team hasn’t been able to put as much time and resources into testing it fully and it is honestly just easier at this point for the community to test it. The primary focus is getting together a system that as well rounded as possible now, and more focus will be given to the areas that need it after beta1 is released.

    The code still needs packaged, documentation written, screencasts recorded, community site polished up, demo storefront and backend ready to roll, etc. So that’s the focus of this week. We’re almost there!

  24. Nick

    24Nick from Hobson|posted August 27 2007


    Sounds good. Glad to see you all have a clear-cut game plan.  Nice to meet you as well.

    Note: I can’t stress enough the importance of the Bug/Issue Roadmap. This will really help developers see a snapshot of what areas need attention. I’d hate for 80% of the community to be working on making the UI “pretty” with only a few devoted towards hammering out the back-end bugs (like Payment processing).  Roy mentioned that a Bug System will be up later after the release, so that sounds good. But Please make that a concern. I’m sure other developers know how important this is!

    Good Luck man! Go Go Magento.

    - I’ll stop blowing up your Blog with comments now.

  25. Qumer Mumtaz

    25Qumer Mumtaz from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Looks nice and an informative video. gr8 work

  26. Catia

    26Catia from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    This is great!  I can’t wait to try it out--it’s like waiting for Christmas to open a shiny new toy wink

    A couple of comments/questions:

    - Say one of the products you want to group has one or more selectable attributes, such as color.  Will the customer have the option to select the color he/she wants within the grouped product, or will it be up to the administrator to pick one ahead of time?

    - I agree with Roman and others: the webcasts are a really good idea, please keep them coming.  They will save loads of time and effort when training up personnel with administrative privileges of some kind.

    - There seems to be a problem with your newsletter subscription.  I signed up back in July when the new Magento site came out, and I received a couple of emails about new posts and whatnot.  Then all of a sudden I stopped receiving emails (and no, they are not getting caught by my spam filter).  I tried signing up again once or twice since then, to no avail…

  27. Thomas Chua

    27Thomas Chua from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    If this is only the begining… it will mark the end of ZenCart and OSCommerce and a lot more… I am definitely in for Magento…

  28. Scott

    28Scott from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Catia, you bring up a very good question.

    Yoav would probably be able to give you more details about this, but I believe grouped products would still be customizable individually because they are allowed to be purchased individually.

    However, configurable products are different than single products (in the screencast they only added single products to a group), I’m not sure if configurable products are able to be included in a product group at this time. If it is, I would imagine that each product can be customized either individually or as a group. I wouldn’t imagine not giving the shopper a choice at all though.

    There may also be some confusion in the future regarding product “bundles” which can only be purchased together, not individually. I’m sure there will be a screencast that will explain that concept though.

    Regarding the newsletter subscription, that is for official newsletters not notification of new blog posts. The last newsletter was sent on July 12th according to my records. For new blog posts, subscribe to the RSS feed or check back often. wink

  29. roy

    29roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 27 2007

    Adrian - There will be minimal inventory control functionality in Beta1.
    Dave - I believe you can apply a discount to a group of products (such as the set).
    Nick - Batch import/export is an area we will devote significant time towards in the future. We fully realize the importance.
    Fabrizio - Auto resize functionality will be available in the future.
    Nick - Our focus is getting the system stable. The UI is not a critical part (from our standpoint), but rather the functionality and core feature set. We devote very little resources to UI at this point. In regards to payment, we expect and Payflow to be ready (we hope Paypal as well but can’t promise).
    Catia - Grouped products currently do not support configurable products (so you can only group simple products). This is a known issue that we plan to resolve in future versions.

  30. Peter

    30Peter from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Hello Roy,
    Will you guys have the Google Checkout ready as a payment gateway in the BETA1? My current OsCommerce is setup with Google Checkout and believe me, it’s a hassle to have it run? I could pretty much prefer something like a built-in Google Checkout interface or maybe a built-in wizard..wink?
    By the way - again when is the download of BETA 1 scheduled for ..wink?

  31. Nick

    31Nick from Hobson|posted August 27 2007


    Thanks for the update. Does this mean that Batch Import/Export should not be expected as fully functional in Beta 1, or should we not expect it functional as far as it working with Grouped Products.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  32. Nick

    32Nick from Hobson|posted August 27 2007


    The release is scheduled to be out sometim between now and Aug 31. And I could be wrong, but judging from what I’ve been reading I think Google Checkout WILL Be supported, but not completely stable in Beta 1.

    Again, Magento isn’t ready for production, so I’d suggest you keep your current OScommerce Installation until the team can work out the issues.

    We’re just BETA testers, working out the kinks at this point.

  33. roy

    33roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 27 2007

    Peter - Google checkout is a long shot at this point. It may take us a bit more time to get it in.
    Nick - Unfortunately this is the case right now - batch Import/Export should not be expected.

  34. Nick

    34Nick from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Thanks Roy.  I’d like to get details on the issues at hand. Whether it be on the Database end, or linking with the Back-end.

    In any case. DO NOT let that discourage you or your team, you guys are tackling a ton of issues at once that took other solutions (oscommerce, zencart) YEARS to get fully functional.

    Hats off to you guys. Lets crank this out.

  35. Austin Biggs

    35Austin Biggs from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Looks great i can’t wait to start developing with it.

  36. Austin Biggs

    36Austin Biggs from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    when you further develop the image options for a product you should use a graphics library to make the thumbnail on the fly, and also have an option to upload instead.

  37. Nick

    37Nick from Hobson|posted August 27 2007


    The magento team has already mentioned that the “thumbnail-on-the-fly” option will be available in the future. As of now, if you want some way to create automatic thumbnails I’d suggest looking into a 3rd party Script (java/ajax/php) that will create thumbs for you. Was the source is release I’ll try to post something useful as soon as I can take a look at the code.

    I’m sure other people will be doing the same.

  38. Austin Biggs

    38Austin Biggs from Hobson|posted August 27 2007


  39. Duade Paton

    39Duade Paton from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Looks fantastic.

    The thumbnail issue hopefully is a high priority as users will tire of having to manually create thumbnails.

    Take a look at how handles images. The user uploads 1x 1000x1000 image and the thumbnails are all created for you.

    Keep up the good work.

  40. Travis

    40Travis from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Thanks Scott.  I mistake the multiple image capabilities as strictly for grouped products.

    Great to hear it’ll work for each product.

  41. ShopKeeper

    41ShopKeeper from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Is it possible to hide the Simple Products in this example so only the Grouped Product shows in the front end? 

    For example, if you added 10 Simple Product Rug Sizes to a group product called Persian Rugs, you might not want 11 search results when someone searched for Persian Rugs.

  42. Mel Pennington

    42Mel Pennington from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    My toes are wiggling.  We’re really excited after watching the screencast!
    Great job so far!

  43. Hynuk

    43Hynuk from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Wow!  Magento is looking pretty good!  I have used osCommerce for years and it has served me well, but I am anxious to try out Magento.  It looks like a very functional ecommerce tool so far.  It looks great too!

  44. Andrea

    44Andrea from Hobson|posted August 27 2007

    Italian Magento community is coming soon!

  45. Erich

    45Erich from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    Thx for your great Work.

    Something that jumped on my eyes. The Image Handling thing.

    From my experience, most of the Users are not able to work with images. Consider to put a routine in your shop that enables auto generation of big, small and other images from an image.

    Second, to me it looks that Images are not stored in a central Repository. Maybe it would be great to store the images central and generate the above named images.



  46. Christina

    46Christina from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    Sorry if this was asked before, but is there going to be a way to provide “members only” products &/or content in magento?

  47. Scott

    47Scott from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

  48. Christina

    48Christina from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    Terrific..thanks a ton for digging that up for me Scott.

    (Can’t wait for the community to be opened up for us - i’m sure there’ll be a search form in there somewhere ;c)

  49. Gerry Hussein

    49Gerry Hussein from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    OK. OK.. But is there anything you have not thought of? ; )

    Product Groups look good I would like to see the configurable proucts, e.g.  with input fields for personalisable options, but will hold on questions until you demonstrate that/release code whichever is first.

    Looks like Magento for my next generation Eshop…

  50. Sebastian

    50Sebastian from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    @Andrea, you can’t use this domain officialy smile

  51. Scott

    51Scott from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    As per the license:

    “You may not use the Magento trademark or any other mark associated with the Magento offering from our company in your domain name or URL.”

  52. Andrea

    52Andrea from Hobson|posted August 28 2007


    Hi, unfortunately I’ve read the trade mark agreement after that I’ve purchased the domain. I’ve already written to magento to ask what’s best to do, since I’d like to create an italian community for magento users (my purpose is to promote magento in italy).

  53. Sebastian

    53Sebastian from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    You’r not alone. But as Scott sad “Magento” is trade mark and you can’t use it now.

    I also wish to create polish community for magento, but i think that everybody who is interested in this case wait for some messages from Varien about this domains.

  54. Scott

    54Scott from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    If I recall, Roy said they were already planning on covering the bases with all the desired languages. This may not be the case at first, but I imagine the foreign community will be well taken care of. wink

  55. Sebastian

    55Sebastian from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    I hope so smile

  56. Brandon

    56Brandon from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    I guess Magento’s going to take it to the wire.  They’ve promised it by the 31st, and here we are 3 days away.... I’m very anxious to see it!

  57. Adam

    57Adam from Hobson|posted August 28 2007

    The fact that magento has been developed on Zend Framework means that it is very easy to support different languages.

    I have written a controller plugin that detects what language the users browser is in ( a good indication as to their preferred language) and defaults to that language if available. It also allows users to change the language anytime they like.

  58. Fred

    58Fred from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    Nice, cant wait.

  59. Travis

    59Travis from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    It’s like Christmas Eve.  When we awake in the morning, will Roy Claus have a present awaiting us?

    My guess is that Mr. Claus will be a little pissy this year from his lack of sleep and show up some time around dinner.


  60. Chris Mc

    60Chris Mc from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    i know, work will kill me tomorrow as they see that is accessed 1.3 million times during the course of a 8 hour shift

  61. Rowan

    61Rowan from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    In my timezone, Varien only has 12 hours left. I’m counting the minutes…

  62. Matt

    62Matt from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    Nice. I didn’t see any kind of WYSIWYG Editor when entering product descriptions. Almost every cart I have put together my clients have needed this option to modify text, etc.

    Any plans to have one of these, or will it be an add-on (tinyMCE, etc) like os commerce and zen cart use?

    Personally, I would like to see this part of Magento.

  63. Zuhair Naqvi

    63Zuhair Naqvi from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    Its 31st and I cant see the download link anywhere!!! I’ve been awake all night and visited your site atleast 200 times since yesterday… cant wait any longer GIVE ME MAGENTO or I will hack your site!!!

  64. Chris Mc

    64Chris Mc from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    id be happy with the community site, i think i know the address , or it might be a site that was regd by somone else and varien told them to shut it down..... man my insomnia dosent help with these things, i got a test enviorment ready

  65. Adam

    65Adam from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    @Zuhair - we don’t need people like you in the community. Varien has put a lot of work into magento - and they are giving it to you for free to use.. and you threaten them.

    Also, Just because it is the 31st for you does not mean it is for magento. it is the 31st for me here in Australia..but for Varien it is still only the 30th.

    Please consider what you wrote in your post.

  66. Austin Biggs

    66Austin Biggs from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    I agree with Adam.

  67. Chris Mc

    67Chris Mc from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    @adam, austin : yeah, i think it was a younger age person who just wanted to express their interest, sarcastically in a poor way. Its not exactly appropriate but I guess it could be taken as a compliment, i dont believe he actually meant he would hack the site, i assume it was a joke. Some of the younger members are not able to express their emotions in an appropriate way i belive.

    @Zuhair: I mean no insult by my above referencing you as a younger member, but by the post its assumed, if I am wrong and you are not a younger member of the site, well.... then.... think before you type.... best way to say it i guess.

  68. Freggle

    68Freggle from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    Oh what a hype for a poor beta software, it’s very creazy!

  69. Anand

    69Anand from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    I’m terribly excited for the release.
    Is an email newsletter sender going to be part of the Magento application? That would be a great addon. The only good one in my opinion is phplist.

  70. Earl

    70Earl from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    I hope it will be released really in august 2007.

    If it is so, it happen in a few hours. So lean back in your favourite easy chair.

  71. Jasper Grey

    71Jasper Grey from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    tick...tock… tick… tock…

  72. Scott

    72Scott from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    It’s already 12:49am on September 1st in New Zealand… so expect that it will be released by August 31st at 11:59pm Hawaiian time. :D

  73. Nicky

    73Nicky from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    They said august 31st, but didn’t mention which timezone, so we still have ~24 hours or so, hehe.
    Overall, very excited with this release too, I’m using osc for years now and all my projects have a complete redesigned core and such, I hope I can finally move on to something better/easier. Sick of harald’s mentions of “osc3 will be released when it’s done”.. 3 years already

    Anyway, back to the waiting..

  74. Oups

    74Oups from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    06:24 AM in Los Angeles… Magento Varien sleeping…

  75. Scott

    75Scott from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    Doubt that wink

  76. moshe

    76moshe from Los Angeles|posted August 30 2007

    Who’s sleeping? smile

  77. Martin

    77Martin from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    No one!

  78. Robert

    78Robert from Hobson|posted August 30 2007

    Everybody, patience patience.
    Damn McDonald’s ruined everything.

  79. WisdOMbooks

    79WisdOMbooks from Hobson|posted August 31 2007

    New website with download
    has been announced already
    since 1 & 1/2 hour but
    we cannot access it
    from here in India…
    how long you think will it take
    to propagate worldwide?

    THANK YOU, in any case,
    to the whole hard-working team and
    wishing you ALL SUCCESS !

  80. Joe

    80Joe |posted August 31 2007

    ipconfig /renew might work, it did for me, and try the IP.


  81. Scott

    81Scott from Northwest Ohio|posted August 31 2007

    Don’t forget to restart your browser afterwards!

  82. WisdOMbooks

    82WisdOMbooks from Kolkata (Calcutta) - INDIA|posted August 31 2007

    GOT IT !

    My… This is something I have been waiting and searching for more than 10 years, now!

    I would be ready to pay heavy $ for such a marvel of technology and… it’s FREE!
    I guess Ihave done something good all this time smile
    to deserve THIS gift at the end of my struggle for the perfect ecommerce solution!

    What is really incredible is the sophistication of the attributes system.
    I mean: nobody, even the costliest carts out there, has ever reached such a perfection.

    Thank you, thank you, dear friends, for your work and for your vision.
    eCommerce today has changed for good into its real v2.0

  83. koko boko

    83koko boko |posted June 15 2009

    This video seems to be gone...?!? I get redirected to magento’s home page.

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