Magento Reaches 500,000+ Downloads

500,000+ Downloads - 44,000+ Members - 93,000+ Forum Posts + 60+ Translations + 120,000+ Extension Downloads

The Fastest Growing eCommerce Platform on the Market Continues its Climb to the Top

Magento continues to grow at a staggering pace and its flexibility, scalability and value have brought it to the Half a Million download mark. The momentum of Magento continues in other ways as well, with new extensions being added to Magento Connect, the continued growth of the community and impressive sites launching every day.

Here’s to the next 500,000 Downloads!

With new features and other exciting developments in the coming months, the next 500,000 downloads are on track to come at an even faster pace than the first.

Leading brands across the world are looking to Magento to power their next generation eCommerce sites and an impressive eco-system of partners, consultants and professionals has emerged to service the incredible demand for services around the product.

For these reasons and more, Magento is set to take a lead in the eCommerce technology market as the premier product of choice for innovative online retailers. Our vision doesn't stop there as we'll continue to push the boundaries, innovating and disrupting the stagnant market along with our community.

Is your business on the platform for growth?

And people keep talking...

Magento has been taking the eCommerce software world by storm. We’ve been hearing a lot about Magento as a well-designed and well-executed software product, but you’ve got to hand it to the Magento team for awesome community-focused resources like Magento Connect.

- Andi Gutmans, Co-Founder & Co-CTO, Zend

Magento’s robust platform provides innumerable benefits for our customers, including product comparisons, product reviews, multiple ship-to addresses, and one-page checkout, and the open-source platform will allow us to extend Magento to meet our growing needs, given our obsession for innovation.

- Louis Rossetto, Co-Founder of Wired Magazine and CEO/Creative Director of TCHO

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User Comments

  1. Ross

    1Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted October 31 2008

    Congrats! That’s great, but as you say, just the beginning!

    To answer your question… “Yes” grin

  2. Wil Sinclair

    2Wil Sinclair |posted November 1 2008

    Congrats from the ZF team! If you guys keep this up, you’ll be serving more copies of ZF than we do soon!  big surprise

  3. RoyRubin

    3RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted November 3 2008

    @Wil - Thanks! This means you should update your totals by 500K as well (since we distribute the ZF). It will be hard to catch up this way smile Hope you guys always stay ahead.

  4. magento-man

    4magento-man |posted November 5 2008

    Congrats guys! I hope you would be able to break a record of osCommerce since Magento is far more flexible just stick to this big guys like TemplateMonster. I hope you check what they are doing with Magento Templates so they wont release some crap again.

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