Magento: Platform for Growth

Today we’ll be introducing a new homepage that is aligned with Magento’s position as THE platform for eCommerce growth. A short movie is presented below (no sound) to better illustrate Magento’s position in the market. This kicks off a branding campaign to introduce Magento to a wider audience and continue spreading the word.


New Magento Homepage


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  1. etho201

    1etho201 from Summerville, SC|posted June 4 2008

    Love the new look of the homepage and great job on that video!

  2. lisali

    2lisali from London, UK|posted June 4 2008

    Great news - but tags and reviews and not SEO friendly, so not yet 100% SEO, as suggested.
    Also, the Google Checkout module is not working properly.

    But apart from that, a breath of fresh air in the OS community.

  3. salsasepp

    3salsasepp from Saarlouis, Germany|posted June 4 2008

    I love marketing campaigns rasberry

    I would also love to see marketing lines backed up by evidence - like “lowest TCO in the market”. I realize you have to ring that buzzword, and I presume you are working on case studies. Right now, searching for “TCO” on yields zero hits. Isn’t it too early to develop hard numbers for a TCO evaluation? If I were to recommend Magento, how could I use that TCO argument?

    Don’t get me wrong - I love your work! I also love to challenge where I think it may help wink

  4. chinesedream

    4chinesedream |posted June 4 2008

    And through this vedio, for the first time I notice your Magento logo has a great Fengshui. wink
    May you prosper Varien!

  5. newnomad

    5newnomad |posted June 4 2008

    I would like to know what store is shown at 0.56 and 1.39 minutes in the video; can it be seen somewhere (live or dummy/demo)?

  6. adimagento

    6adimagento from Los Angeles, CA|posted June 12 2008

    @newnomad- that’s the Magento modern theme available for download through Magento Connect.

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