Magento Partner Program Logos

We are pleased to show off the new Magento Partner Program Logos, which you will begin seeing on our Partners’ sites shortly. We are excited to be working with our partners, and continue to receive sign-ups from industry leaders.

With the release of the new Magento site, expected with the release of the Production version, we will begin showcasing Magento Partners as well. If you are interested in learning more about the Partner Program, more information is available in the Partner Program Overview.

One final note, the real logos will obviously not have the strikethroughs on them.

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User Comments

  1. kadima

    1kadima |posted March 14 2008

    I see the original Magento logo is back here. Are they to reappear in the new website release?

  2. Ross

    2Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted March 14 2008

    Looks like a slight change: red instead of ‘pink’ smile

  3. Travis

    3Travis |posted March 14 2008

    Nice to see that you guys are able to use the mark.  The new colour still looks good.  smile

  4. S.Kacperski (

    4S.Kacperski ( from Warsaw|posted March 14 2008

    I dont like this Logos. Pls make some new! You have great basic logo. Make something like Magento Connect smile

  5. sukram

    5sukram |posted March 14 2008

    Looks good! smile

  6. Steve Yan

    6Steve Yan |posted March 14 2008

    Please provide the logos in several sizes and different resolutions (72dpi & 300dpi) forr use on websites and marketing brochures.

  7. RoyRubin

    7RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted March 14 2008

    @Steve Yan - Our partners have received the appropriate files. If you are a partner and have not received the assets, please contacts partners (at)

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