Magento - One Week Late

We announced Magento only a week ago and the response has already been incredible. You guys really like us! (well maybe you like Magento, but we’ll take the compliment either way). Hundreds of people have signed up to the newsletter, and if you’re not one of them what are you waiting for?

We’re going to start releasing screenshots and screencasts over the next few weeks to give an inside look at Magento as it is developed, make sure you come back or sign up for the RSS feed to be the first (outside of Varien) to see Magento in action.

And if you’re too shy to post in the comments, send an email to about the features you want to see in Magento or any other questions that you may have.

We’ve also gotten great response from the blogging and press community. If you haven’t already, contact us at for exclusive access to information on Magento.

We want to thank you all again for your support, and can’t wait to release Magento into the wild. Keep checking back, it’s not too far away.

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  1. Nolawi

    1Nolawi from Hobson|posted May 31 2007

    can we make the discussion on features public… ???

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