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A Wikipedia post about Magento has been recently added. Check it out and update away!

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  1. cpetrauskas

    1cpetrauskas from Portland, Oregon, USA|posted October 30 2007


    Appears that the Wikipedia police are on it already.  It has been flagged for ‘speedy deletion’. I think you need to add a ‘hangon’ tag to buy some editing time.


  2. RoyRubin

    2RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted October 30 2007

    Thanks Chris. We’ll update it.

  3. cpetrauskas

    3cpetrauskas from Portland, Oregon, USA|posted October 30 2007


    Struck down by the gods of wikiality.

    Apparently Magento needs more truthiness.


  4. RoyRubin

    4RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted October 30 2007

    I have a feeling it may return some day smile

  5. Travis

    5Travis |posted October 31 2007

    How would we go about getting it back up?

  6. RoyRubin

    6RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted October 31 2007

    I am not sure what the procedure is to get it back. Anyone know?

  7. svemir

    7svemir |posted November 1 2007

    Give it some time. There should be some successful examples of live sites using Magento. Wikipedia has a rule against original research, so you need to have other public articles to reference. Maybe also look for some similar articles that were not deleted and follow their model - once there is enough material to do that.

  8. svemir

    8svemir |posted November 18 2007

    Someone tried resurrecting the article, but it is written in a non-objective manner, using unreferenced claims and personal opinions. Initially I thought it just needs a little reformatting, so I added an infobox and some sub-headings. However, when I actually read the article I realized it would need a lot more work to avoid being deleted again. There is enough buzz and material around to make this article at least as good as the article on osCommerce, but I am not able to do it within the next few days.

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