Magento is on the Map


Today we are introducing a new feature in the Magento Community site that visually maps our users. Maps are provided per forum thread (sample), blog post (sample), and a master map of all current users browsing the site.

Magento Community members span the entire globe. We hope this feature brings everyone just a bit closer smile

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  1. Crucial

    1Crucial from Phoenix, AZ|posted May 8 2008

    Cool smile Weird that it shows me in Glendale, Arizona though since I’m in Scottsdale.

  2. Thierry S.

    2Thierry S. from Paris|posted May 10 2008

    @Curcial : I think, It’s mainly based on what your isp has added as comments on your ip pool.

    nice feature !

  3. Ron Seigel

    3Ron Seigel from Ottawa, ON|posted May 10 2008

    Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for....

    Ummm...maybe not.

    Looks like someone at Varien had too much time on their hands.  tongue rolleye

  4. [m] zentrale

    4[m] zentrale from Stuttgart, Germany|posted May 29 2008

    nice feauture, but i didnt knew that we are located in Reutlingen… wink How does the Location works?

  5. [m] zentrale

    5[m] zentrale from Stuttgart, Germany|posted May 30 2008

    ahhh today, we are located in stuttgart again…

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