“Magento is by far the best”

First of all, I’d like to thank the Magento team for your efforts in developing this open source software which will surely become a market leader in the eCommerce CMS playing field.

I have developed web sites with Joomla’s Virtuemart, ZenCart, Shopify (commercial) and OsCommerce. Magento is by far the best.

I have to admit that encountered a few problems at first, some of them crippled my installation completely and had to re-install Magento twice. Magento’s architecture seems tricky at first but the docs, forums and screencasts got me up to speed quite quickly.

I can’t stop saying WOW! now. Honestly in 4 days I have got my latest project at the same developmental level as a month and half working in the same project in OsCommerce.

I really recommend it to anyone.

tinotriste (from a post in the Magento Forums)

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