Magento in Multiple Languages - Translations Getting Started


After receiving great feedback from the German and Polish communities, we are excited to proceed and open the translation process to the rest of the world.

Here's how it works:

  • Under each international forum, you will find a sticky thread (titled "Official Magento Translation" ...) with a zip file attached. The file contains a directory structure and a number of csv files. The directory structure and csv files must stay as is (in terms of structure and naming).
  • Each CSV file has two columns. The right column is intended to be overwritten with the translations. The left column serves as a reference and should not be overwritten - this is very important.
  • We decided that only <a> and <br / > tags are to be used in the original text (i.e. the first column). All other HTML tags (e.g. <strong>) should be added to the translated text (i.e. second column) where appropriate.
  • If you do not see your language in the international forums or your locale, please contact us and we will add it.
  • Given the amount of work per language, we strongly suggest for the community to interact through the forum and split up the work. Hopefully this will lead to a faster and more thorough process.
  • Please let us know once the translation is complete and we will incorporate it in future releases.

Questions? Let us know in the comments or contact us.

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User Comments

  1. TheRec

    1TheRec from Lausanne, Switzerland|posted September 30 2007

    Nice, time for some more testing smile
    I am glad to see the project evolve to the internationnal level. Thanks for the hard work.

  2. mihu

    2mihu |posted October 1 2007

    Thanks for all the efforts.

  3. Johan

    3Johan from Sweden|posted October 1 2007

    How do we deal with sentences that includes “,” ?

  4. YoavKutner

    4YoavKutner |posted October 1 2007

    All sentences need to be enclosed in double quotes ("). For example.
    “original text","and this is the translated text, and it has a comma”

    If double quote” are needed in the text it needs to be escaped by another set of double quotes before it.

  5. GBA

    5GBA from Τρίκαλα - Αθήνα|posted October 1 2007

    we already started the Greek translation here in Greece. All the csv must be in UTF-8 encoding. Or not?

    PS. The translation of “Hello World!” is “Γεια σου κόσμε!” in Greek.  smile

  6. Inline Media

    6Inline Media from The Netherlands|posted October 1 2007

    Can you tell me how to implement a translation? I would like to see how my translated text looks like in the website.

  7. angelside

    7angelside |posted October 1 2007

    How use/test translated files on live store test. What is settings, select store language is not work, is have “headers and cookie errrors”.

  8. YoavKutner

    8YoavKutner |posted October 1 2007

    @GBA - Yes all translations need to be UTF-8.

  9. YoavKutner

    9YoavKutner |posted October 1 2007

    @bluemotion - A new version of Magento will be available this week that supports the multilanguage functionality.

  10. Johan

    10Johan from Sweden|posted October 1 2007

    What about version control, where to upload changes?

  11. petertufan

    11petertufan from Ashburn, VA|posted October 2 2007

    First romanian translation is ready in full and I have already posted it to

  12. littleredcar

    12littleredcar |posted October 4 2007

    any german translation ready, yet?

  13. RichWater

    13RichWater from Magyarország|posted October 4 2007

    We have started the hungarian translation. It will take about a week.
    The “Hello world!” is “Szia világ!” in hungarian. smile

  14. Capitaine Commerce

    14Capitaine Commerce from Lille, France|posted October 5 2007

    Hi !
    The french translation is almost done, but we’ve made it on the Google Doc document. Will this be ok.

  15. RoyRubin

    15RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted October 5 2007

    @Capitaine - We’ll need the files as supplied in the ‘official’ forum thread. Thanks!

  16. Inline Media

    16Inline Media from The Netherlands|posted October 7 2007

    Is it already possible to add a new translation? I would like to try out my dutch translation I’ve made so far.

  17. hadi

    17hadi "!MP" farnoud from Guildford, Surrey, UK|posted October 8 2007

    you need to write a guide for translation (like drupal)

  18. R.Gregorio

    18R.Gregorio |posted October 9 2007

    Alguém do Brasil - disposto a traduzir o Magento para Pt-Br. cool smile

  19. Caleydon

    19Caleydon from Slovakia|posted January 2 2008

    Hi, I’m just start working on Slovak translation

  20. Matteo Raggi

    20Matteo Raggi from Italy|posted January 7 2008

    Italian translation is ready, but aftr add it on web site, how to configure it?

  21. petertufan

    21petertufan from Ashburn, VA|posted January 8 2008

    A newer more updated version of the original Romanian translation is available in: look for the

  22. petertufan

    22petertufan from Ashburn, VA|posted January 17 2008

    The latest romanian translation for Magento 0.7.14800 is now available in

    Look for the latest file

  23. Pablo Augusto

    23Pablo Augusto from Rio de Janeiro - Brasil|posted April 11 2008

    I will help to translate to Portuguese BR!

  24. BerArt

    24BerArt from The Netherlands - Breda|posted July 4 2008

    I help with the Dutch translations smile

  25. abelcreative

    25abelcreative |posted August 20 2008

    translations aren’t working for me - I’m using the modern theme, have magento 1.1.3 installed, .added the locale folders into the modern/locale folder - what else do I need to do as my site still isn’t translating when I select a language (use the sample database when installing)

  26. StavGuru

    26StavGuru |posted September 9 2009

    hi all, i’m not sure how to translate my content...such as product title, menu and description of product..

    can anyone help me pls.
    thanks in advance!!

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