Magento Imagine Challenge Update - Last Day to Submit a Contest Entry!

Imagine Coming to Los Angeles

imageApproximately 3 weeks ago, we asked Magento merchants, developers, partners, and enthusiasts to show us your Magento Passion and join our Imagine Challenge for a chance to win a trip to the Magento Imagine eCommerce Worldwide Conference in Los Angeles – and boy did you ever deliver! We have received some of the most creative photos and videos.

We all were just WOWED by the expressions of Magento Passion which ranged from Magento tattoos, a Magento shaped beard, Magento caviar sandwiches just to name a few. We also received Movie trailer videos, and some even wrote -- and in one entry -- performed a song written specifically for us! While we LOVED all the entries, the ones with a person touch really hit home for us.

Contest Deadline: You have until midnight TONIGHT to submit an Imagine Challenge Entry but don't let that discourage you! There is an entire weekend of voting left so if you don't want to enter, please help us send the most deserved entry to Imagine by either registering or logging in through Facebook and VOTE for your favorite entry!

Contest Winners: Winners will be listed on the Challenge Website Monday -- and look for a blog formally announcing our Contest Winners!

Thank You

Thanks to everyone participating and we can't thank you enough for your kind expressions of spirit shown in all the entries received. It's what makes OUR heart pump. Here are just a couple of examples of entries that literally took our breath away!

Awesome Passion


Incredible Creativity


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