Magento Featured on the Zend Framework Site

If you head over to the Zend Framework site you will find Magento front and center as a featured example of the Zend Framework in action.

You can also read a case study on Varien’s use of the Zend Framework for development.

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  1. Magento und Zend

    1Magento und Zend from Hobson|posted August 7 2007

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  2. Olive

    2Olive from Hobson|posted August 7 2007


    In waiting for the 1st beta release of your e-commerce “Big-Bang”,
    How can we subscribe via RSS feed to ALL the comments posted?


  3. roy

    3roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 7 2007

    Olive - comment feed is here -

  4. Dean

    4Dean from Hobson|posted August 8 2007

    We are all awaiting Magento, but it being featured before any source code is released just seems a bit odd.

    P.S. The field “Your Email” in “Leave a Reply” doesn’t have an asterisk next to the label, but is required by wordpress.

  5. Mark Hedley

    5Mark Hedley from Hobson|posted August 8 2007


    No source has been released yet. Varien are simply doing what needs to be done and that is to “Market” the product. Showing screenshots etc is something that this site has been doing for some weeks now.

    Re: the requireed field, that might be the case but they’ve chosen not to be so “retentive” about it on the site here.



  6. Dean

    6Dean from Hobson|posted August 9 2007


    I understand they are trying to get attention and they do it well with teasing the public with screenshots, etc. etc.

    I understand that the feature on the Zend Framework site is part of this process, but it seemed to me a little bit too much. It is giving as example of a success case for the framework an open source product that is currently not open source.

    That’s it. I hope they will have time to release it in August and my point will become irrelevant.

    P.S. About the field, I wanted to say that there is a typo - it is not indicated as required, but indeed is. The system returns “Error: please fill the required fields (name, email).”



  7. Mike Willbanks

    7Mike Willbanks from Hobson|posted August 9 2007

    I agree here with Dean.  While I understand the marketing aspect, it is hard for me to agree with the marketing of a product that has no form of release.  While there is screenshots it doesn’t show any portions of how the code runs nor any idea of how the features are being implemented.

    This has been an overall marketing effort towards the end-users except targeted at developers.  Targeting developers WITHOUT providing a sample of code or even an outline of how the code is going to work is almost to a degree pointless.  It shows nothing of how the internal system works and only that… oh we are using “x” framework. 

    Yes I know it is the Zend Framework but it is still quite irritating to say this is either a good or bad product without the source code to really say a thing about the internal usage of the system.

    What objects can I extend, what ones are making usage of what patterns and how is this system going to truly work for modifications and potentially hooking in an observer to certain areas?

    This is all information that has been completely and utterly missing since the inception of this project.  It has only show “features” which while it is important it is disappointing from a development perspective to even see or have feedback in the way that it might be implemented thus causing this to not be a community based project but a product that just happens to have an open source license for participation in a later stage.

  8. Anand

    8Anand from Hobson|posted August 9 2007

    Is it possible to use Magento with multiple shops? I would like to use some of the shops independently and combine some of the shops.

    For example: we have several clients that have multiple shops. We like to build a shop in which you have access to all the other shops that the client has.

    Other shops are independently.

  9. roy

    9roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 9 2007

    Anand - You can have individual shops - yes. You can also have multiple shops under one admin - it would make more sense if the shops are related (that is, sharing products, customers, etc.) since that was the intent.

  10. Brandon Z

    10Brandon Z from Hobson|posted August 9 2007


    I believe this page answers your question.

  11. Brandon Z

    11Brandon Z from Hobson|posted August 9 2007

    (Oh, I guess Roy answered the question between the time I opened the page and the time I posted an answer.  Wow! )

    On the whole Zend feature issue: sure it may be a little odd to feature an unreleased product, but in the scheme of things: who cares!?  Magento looks to be fabulous, and if it turns out not to be, we’ll all go home terribly disappointed, and start the search all over again.

  12. Mike W

    12Mike W from Hobson|posted August 10 2007

    Roy, I’m designing a store right now with similar multi-store functionality.  What I need is a main product catalog that feeds various stores a pre-set number of products from the main catalog and an unlimited amount of their own products. If Store #1 pays me for 100 product slots, they can pick 100 products of their choice from the main catalog, as well as adding an unlimited number of their own products.

  13. roy

    13roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 10 2007

    Mike - You can share products and categories across stores. The payment functionality you specified will not be available out of the box. You can certainly develop it on your own.

  14. Daryl

    14Daryl from Hobson|posted August 10 2007

    oooh , i cant wait for this too be released , any idea on a date roy?

  15. Scott

    15Scott from Hobson|posted August 10 2007

    Late August, last I heard.

  16. Matt

    16Matt from Hobson|posted August 10 2007

    Will there be any type of feature for Consignment Shops? This is missing in every piece of cart software I have used. It would be great if Magneto was the first to have this capability.

  17. Mark Hedley

    17Mark Hedley from Hobson|posted August 10 2007

    Definately late August and it won’t be a slick version. 2008 is when the package will be more viable but I am still interested to see what this is all going to function and feel like.



  18. Scott

    18Scott from Hobson|posted August 10 2007

    Mark, better to get ahead now, otherwise you’ll spend more time learning the ins-and-outs of the system. This is especially true if you plan to extend the system for any extra functionality that is required.

    I’m sure there will be many features that won’t ever be included out of the box, it’s so important to keep the essentials and some useful functionality while not creating a bloated system. That is the beauty of an extensible application after all! wink

  19. Tim Newbill

    19Tim Newbill from Hobson|posted August 11 2007

    Is there a specific target day that Magento will be released (like Aug 15th or 30th)?

  20. roy

    20roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 11 2007

    Tim - Late August. We don’t have a firm date yet - as soon as we do, we’ll post it.

  21. roy

    21roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 11 2007

    Matt - I don’t expect a consignment shop feature to be available out of the box.

  22. Torben

    22Torben from Hobson|posted August 11 2007

    It would be cool if you could put a forum online, so the future Magento users can have discussions already. I think Varien could also profit from those discussions for the further developement of Magento.

  23. Scott

    23Scott from Hobson|posted August 11 2007

    Torben, the Magento team is already putting together a community forum. Expect to see it within the next week or two.

  24. Mark Hedley

    24Mark Hedley from Hobson|posted August 17 2007

    Curious to know.... would roy at Varien consider doing a user poll to see where the Market Demographic is most popular and gear the development towards this ?

    I think independent forums will be beneficial as well depending on the types of discussions.



  25. roy

    25roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted August 17 2007

    Mark - If your intent is to impact the development the best way you can do so is to join our effort. You can contribute and develop additional functionality (especially demographic specific) and publish the code to the community (as we do). We’ve been very transparent with our intentions and the roadmap, comments, and philosophy have been clear from the start. Once the community site will be available (very soon), we’d love for you to take an active part.

    Thanks smile

  26. Mark Hedley

    26Mark Hedley from Hobson|posted August 18 2007

    Cool beans roy :-D

    Looking forward to testing this app grin



  27. erwin

    27erwin from Hobson|posted August 19 2007

    I’v plan to sell low price product that not possible pay by CC, COD etc (less then $1), so I need something like Userpoints module in drupal.
    For example: stock photo (shuttestock, fotolia etc) websites, because the price is very low you need buy credit/points etc and use those credit/points etc as payment.
    Also payment with real money (CC, COD etc) still active for high price product.
    Hope you understand my english smile

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