Magento Enterprise is the Performance Leader


Magento Enterprise 1.9 delivers outstanding performance results using several key parameters. A complete overview of architecture and design considerations, optimization guidelines and performance tuning tips are addressed in the Magento whitepaper “Methods and Best Practices for High Performance eCommerce.” Backed with extensive test scenarios measuring common performance benchmarks, the whitepaper provides best practices in maximizing and scaling your performance with the latest version of Magento Enterprise. Some of the impressive results achieved with the latest version include, support for 80,000 orders/hour and 190 transactions/sec for a cacheable URL list with 100 concurrent connections and a catalog of 80,000 SKUs. This comprehensive analysis looks at several Enterprise features as well as external configuration areas to maximize the results for your eCommerce store. Areas addressed in the white paper include:

  • Database configuration
  • PHP acceleration
  • Caching and fast storage capabilities
  • Full page caching
  • Server configuration
  • Compiling options
  • Search capabilities
  • Administrator configurations such as catalog and categories setting
  • Hardware configurations

If you are a Magento Solution Partner, Magento developer or managing a Magento eCommerce site, you will want to read this white paper. Careful attention to simple yet powerful configuration details can maximize the performance of the sites you are responsible for. This comprehensive whitepaper can be found at Whitepaper.

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