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As part of Google Summer of Code ‘08, a Magento / Drupal integration project is getting off the ground. A detailed proposal has been posted on the Groups.Drupal site, and the abstract is included below:

Magento has just released production ready version 1.0 and has comprehensive support ecosystem for its users. Current existing ecommerce modules for Drupal either do not have production ready release or do not support Drupal 6. Hence, integration between Drupal and Magento will be the powerful combination and will drive embracing of Drupal 6 even more.

This project aims to tightly integrate Magento into Drupal by coming up with a Magento module and a few essential native Magento blocks. The integration is elaborate upto the level of rendering Magento as a Drupal page.

There has been a lot of interest by the Magento and Drupal communities for such an integration to take place. This is certainly going to be picking up a lot of steam in the weeks ahead.

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  1. TheRec

    1TheRec from Lausanne, Switzerland|posted April 6 2008

    Woooooooooow smile
    That sounds promising, combine the two best pieces of open source web software (that’s just my opinion) can’t end up bad :D Only one darker note, the “E-Commerce” module of Drupal will unfortunately not survive to the killer app, aka Magento…

  2. srinigenie

    2srinigenie |posted April 6 2008

    Lovely!!! Just the other I got to know of Google Summer of Code and thought of asking Magento to be part of it and now it is already!!!

  3. Buddha993

    3Buddha993 |posted April 6 2008

    cool. hope there will come something similar for joomla. now you just have to make magento faster. otherwise it would make no sence to build a bridge aka use magento in a productive way. wink

  4. Sudheer

    4Sudheer |posted April 6 2008

    The integration project will have me sniff around Magento the source code. smile I am Drupal consultant. I will look forward to use Magento in the future.

    Sudheer -
    LAMP -
    Binary Vibes -

  5. Crucial

    5Crucial from Phoenix, AZ|posted April 6 2008

    Awesome! Hopefully this will lead the way to other integrations. I’d much rather see an ExpressionEngine integration, but I imagine it will be MUCH easier when EE 2.0 comes out since it will be fully “code ignited” smile

  6. winans_fred

    6winans_fred |posted April 7 2008

    why aren’t people talking more about TypoLight yet?

    From a developer’s standpoint and from an overall design and ease-of-use standpoint, it wins hands down! 

    Yay integration!

  7. Ross

    7Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted April 8 2008

    As a Drupal developer I’m really glad to see that an integration with Magento is getting attention.  While there are some very clever people around, I can’t help wondering if the plans aren’t a bit too ambitious?

    >> “The integration is elaborate upto the level of rendering Magento as a Drupal page.”

    I would have thought that integrating the customer/user logins would be the place to start, not combining 2 templating systems.

  8. ecommer

    8ecommer |posted April 8 2008

    Wow this is huge! A dream come true!

  9. CKD

    9CKD from Saitama, Japan|posted April 10 2008

    I am with Ross, I beleive there is a way or module out there in Drupal to use other databases to gain Account information and apply it to Drupal. 

    Themes can be ported to both to make the two applications have the same feel.  Depending on which is more reliant to your site, the Drupal or Magento application, make one more prominent to the users.

    Keeps updates simple, bugs easier to find, and future preference changes to either application easier.

    But you guys go for it!...good luck.


  10. Ross

    10Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted April 11 2008

    Unfortunately this SoC proposal wasn’t accepted:

    I’m sure that something will happen anyway.

  11. Alexis Bellido

    11Alexis Bellido |posted May 16 2008

    Cool. I’ve been a Drupal developer since 2004 and just starting to work with Magento. It’s great to confirm that my time learning to develop with Magento will be well invested.

  12. Dan Frydman

    12Dan Frydman |posted October 4 2008

    We’re working on this project at the moment.  It’s mainly to make Magento products available to view in the navigation structure of Drupal as well as to run one user login for both Magento and Drupal.  See more information here:

    Note that we’re initially working on Drupal 5.x for a specific client project and it’s not a generic integration.

    We’re going to try to walk before we run, so Drupal 6.x will come later on.

  13. tidbit

    13tidbit |posted October 21 2008

    >> (Ross said) “I would have thought that integrating the customer/user logins would be the place to start, not combining 2 templating systems.”


    Integrated logins would be magnificent.  I wouldn’t need full integration of the two systems; however, it would be fantastic if customers could use one login to manage their shopping account (Magento) and community account (Drupal).  Anything beyond that would be gravy.

  14. Ari  Salomon

    14Ari Salomon |posted March 20 2009

    I been using Drupal for a couple years and Magento for about 1 year. Looking forward to seeing these great tools integrated.

  15. Maxime Topolov

    15Maxime Topolov from Paris|posted May 31 2009

    Drupal & Magento can now work together !

    Find here Magento extension for integration with Drupal

    And here, a set of Drupal modules :

    Any comments and review would be appreciated

  16. starchild

    16starchild |posted June 4 2009

    We have already integrated Joomla and Magento, and have launched a few client sites on it already.

    We are currently working on an advanced caching mechanism and hope to have a product ready in the not too distant future.

    Will keep you posted.

  17. krapypunkatwork

    17krapypunkatwork from San Diego, CA|posted August 14 2009

    This is my ideal integration and has a lot of potential!!
    :D So excited to try it out!

  18. Se7en

    18Se7en from Paris|posted November 3 2009

    This sounds very interesting as I follow each project separately…

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