Magento Covered in Read/WriteWeb Blog

Magento was recently covered in Read/WriteWeb, a popular weblog that provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis. Read/WriteWeb began publishing on April 20, 2003 and is now one of the most widely read and respected blogs in the world.


“Magento looks to be an easy to use and easily customizable open source e-commerce platform. There are sure to be many web developers and startups keen to try it out.”

Thanks for writing about us Richard!

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  1. Esteban

    1Esteban from Hobson|posted September 8 2007

    This is Great!! I guess everybody is just too busy to give you guys some credit....

    Great Press

  2. acorbella

    2acorbella from Anapolis, Goias, Brazil|posted September 10 2007

    Yes Esteban, great press!
    I hope, I’m sure that… one day we will read about Magento on TechCrunch too!

  3. Web Insider

    3Web Insider from Hobson|posted September 10 2007

    never heard before of that blog. It definitey can not be “most of the… blog in the world” because several other blogs say hat they are!

  4. acorbella

    4acorbella from Anapolis, Goias, Brazil|posted September 10 2007

    Hi Web Insider do you never heard before of Read/write or TechCrunch?

    Anyway both are ranked among Technorati’s Top 50 blogs in the world

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