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Magento Enterprise Partners Optaros have recently released a Magento Connect extension called Facebook Connect Social Shopping which allows you to integrate social shopping via Facebook with your Magento storefront.  Ever seen a cool item and wished you could ask your friends what they thought before you went ahead an decided to buy? Then this extension is definitely for you!  Check out this video for a quick run through.

There is another Facebook Connect Magento module which allows you to use registration data from Facebook for users coming to your site, notify them of order updates via Facebook notifications and much more.

Also, check out the Facebook Link module from aheadWorks, which enables some pretty cool functionality such as wall posts to customers’ walls when they complete an order and allows them to offer their friends personal recommendations on items they have purchased.

What do you think about integration social networks and Magento?  What features would you like to see next?

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  1. @amaudy

    1@amaudy from Chiangmai, Thailand|posted October 7 2009

    Why you use QuickTime video for embedded video to this entry?

  2. aheadworks

    2aheadworks |posted October 7 2009

    Hi Koby,
    You probably forgot or just didn’t notice another Facebook integration extension - Facebook Link:

    We at aheadWorks think that ecommerce must surely go social way - it opens absolutely new perspectives. If you sell clothes, accessories or other stuff that requires no special knowledge, that can be discussed between friends and be interesting for many - socializing must be aim #1.
    Never forget about word of mouth and personal recommendations - these factors dramatically increase sale chances.

  3. leeaston

    3leeaston from France|posted October 7 2009

    This type if integration of social shopping is a distraction and interruption to the shopping process. Let’s be honest an admit this type of extension isn’t really about asking a friend advice about an item the shopper is interested in, but an covert way of getting the shopper to tell someone about your shop in the hope they may visit and buy one day.

    The demo assumes the shopper is logged onto facebook when they connect to facebook from the Magento site, but if they are not logged in to facebook then they end up leaving the site, not really what you want a shopper to do!

    A better place to put social type links in on the purchase thank you page, where you can honestly and in an up front way ask the customer to tell her/his friends about the site. It’s also a good idea to put fan page links in the order, invoice and shipment emails that go out to the customer.

  4. Koby Oz

    4Koby Oz |posted October 8 2009

    @audy, this is not quicktime video, it is flash embedded video from

    @aheadWorks thanks for pointing that out to me, I updated it in the post…

    @leeaston thanks for sharing your comments, there are many ways to leverage social networks when it comes to online commerce and I’m sure we are all interested in seeing which directions these trends will take us

  5. @amaudy

    5@amaudy from Chiangmai, Thailand|posted October 8 2009

    This link below is my screen when I use Firefox open this entry and my Firefox crash same as first time then my first comment feel like I disappoint and not polite.

    After I got your message I try again but with Chrome, you right it Flash video.

  6. lasereyes

    6lasereyes |posted October 9 2009

    I love this integration. I also use google chrome.

  7. amichelson

    7amichelson |posted October 9 2009

    We hope folks enjoy the Magento/Facebook integration. All feedback welcome. We are working on refining this integration and we are always open to feature requests. We did not want to require a user to install a facebook application to respond to user feedback as this extra step may prevent participation, so we decided on the facebook notification route.

    @leeaston, the extension is an example of how to support customer communications, users can certainly remove it from product details and insert it in checkout if they feel this is a more appropriate place. We do find customers going beyond the rating and review and asking for advice from their friends when validating a product selection prior to purchase, but this communication is typically over email or IM. We see extensions like this as another way a customer can ask advice, but here the retailer is involved in the communication as well. This integration can also spread awareness similar to AddThis. We recommend retailers multivariate these concepts to see which may help to best drive traffic, conversion and brand.

  8. leeaston

    8leeaston from France|posted October 14 2009

  9. popart

    9popart |posted October 14 2009

    I’m very interested in Magento/MySpace integration as well. Specifically, I’d like to see a MySpace App that lets me display items on my MySpace page that are for sale in my online store. As an example, Volusion ecommerce has the ‘Social Store Builder’ Myspace App. It’s great for clothing boutiques, etc. Myspace users can click on ‘Add to cart’ on the Myspace page and are directed to the online store where the item is placed into the shopping cart. Would love to have the same thing for Magento!

  10. Automan

    10Automan |posted October 27 2009

    This is a great addon. Now we can finally be connected via facebook!

  11. shapsp

    11shapsp |posted November 7 2009

    great extension. nice little add on

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