Magento Connect: 200+ Extensions, 100,000+ Extension Downloads


Magento Connect continues to gain momentum. Following last week’s announcement of the availability of 50+ payment extensions via Magento Connect, today we are happy to announce the availability of 200+ extensions in total. To date, over 100,000+ extension downloads have been registered. A few additional interesting stats:

We are thrilled to see the community take such an active role in extending Magento platform.

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  1. mikeinspain

    1mikeinspain from Alicante, Spain|posted October 17 2008

    Great job everyone!! grin

    @ Roy/Magento Team..  Will there be or is there any further Core extensions in the pipeline?

  2. cemmelem

    2cemmelem |posted October 17 2008

    i like the iphoen theme very much grin

  3. Nautica

    3Nautica |posted February 23 2009

    Good but there is also a minor thing with Magento connect !!!
    Lot of extensions are outdated because of the fast development of Magento. This is a good thing of course.
    But fact is that extensions are not updated that fast and do not work proper after a Major Magento update like the update to version 1.2.
    I think that for the future, extensions must automatically drop back to Alpha or Beta status after a Major Magento update.

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