Magento Compared to ASP.NET Storefront Solutions


In a recent blog post, Marc from the Next Generation Shopping blog compared Magento to ASP.NET shopping carts:

I’m a sucker for good lucks and that’s exactly what Magento is: Good Looking! Utilizing Scriptlicious, AJAX, and tagging it has Web 2.0 written all over it. It comes with a wide array of features ‘out of the box’ ... I would definitely keep an eye on this going into 2008. It looked pretty enough on the outside to make me consider moving from ASP.NET to PHP for the project ... If I was a competitor I would look at all the things they are doing right and take notes.

Although Marc decided not to use Magento for the project (well ... since Magento is currently in a preview release), we appreciate the kind words. Thanks Marc!

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  1. kadima

    1kadima |posted October 25 2007

    I’m a sucker for good “lucks”? smile Me too! smile

  2. kadima

    2kadima |posted October 25 2007

    I forgot to say that he does happen to be right rasberry

  3. advantshop

    3advantshop |posted June 28 2009

    ASP.NET Shopping Carts is the one of shopping carts for VB/C# developers.

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