Magento Community Update


Over the last few months we've been evaluating better ways to focus on our community. In a previous post, I also mentioned that we'd be looking into ways to consolidate some of our community channels, so we can focus on what is the most helpful and productive for our community members.

Important Changes

So with that, I'd like to announce that we will be closing both our Community Groups as well as the eCommerce General, Marketing and SEO forums. Additionally the Community General and Off-Topic forums will be archived so that members can view but no longer post to it. The ultimate goal is to be able to concentrate our efforts on supporting the community in the capacity of troubleshooting, sharing Magento knowledge and experience, exchanging programming tips as well as support for Magento Connect/Extensions. We believe that closing these channels will allow our community members easier access to important information.

In the future, we may look into other, better ways of having these kinds of channels available, and possibly more - but we currently feel that these channels do not add to our current goals.

Magento Connect Updates

Magento Connect Search - We've enhanced our Magento Connect search. We've added a lot more weight to extension title and summary. Also, we've corrected the search filtering so that the best and most relevant results are returned -- every time.

Extension Reviews - We've removed anonymous reviews. You must now log into your account in order to review an extension. I think it's important to be transparent when you're reviewing an extension and it will also help developers easily identify users that may be having difficulties.

Extension Titles - You can now edit your own extension titles! Please be aware that while you can change the title, the official extension name will remain the same. This shouldn't cause any difficulty for developers, but if you're having a problem, please let us know.

As always, feel free to email me at rhonda at magento dot com, or PM me directly in the forums to rondata.

2011 is going to be a great year for us and we have lots of things planned -- I'm very excited about ringing in the New Year with our awesome Magento Community.


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