Magento Community Translation Tool – New Features

Magento Community Translation Tool – New Features

We have just released a few new translation features to make the translation process even easier and faster than before.

  1. Added Interface and theme support. From today on the Modern theme (and any other theme to follow) can be downloaded and translated separately, or as part of the full package.
  2. Moderators now have the ability to make translations available through Magento Connect. In one click they will be able to create/update translation extensions available for download in Magento Connect.
  3. Un-translated strings can now be filtered in the strings list.
  4. Added the ability to flag translation strings as “Same as Original”, and this way achieve the 100.00% desirable translations status.
  5. All Email Templates are available now as part of the translation package.

If you’d like to get involved or don’t see your locale listed or if you have any problems or suggestions for the new tools, please contact us.

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User Comments

  1. aDy

    1aDy from France|posted June 27 2008

    hehe, very good news ! thank you very much for this work wink

  2. Chantal

    2Chantal from Netherlands, Hellevoetsluis|posted June 28 2008

    Great changes! Maybe another feature that could be added: a selection box to select strings with suggestions > 0.

  3. Andrea, Argentina

    3Andrea, Argentina from Buenos Aires, Argentina|posted June 28 2008

    Great! I agree with Chantal, a filter to suggestions>0 would be better

  4. shubh

    4shubh |posted August 5 2008

    thats fine

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