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We’ve just added a chat feature to the Magento community site to further encourage communication within our community. You can find the chat page at (and within the community menu).

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  1. Crucial

    1Crucial from Phoenix, AZ|posted May 28 2008

    Looks cool, but it’s too slow in Opera. I try to type a message and for each character I type it lags 20-25 seconds just to catch up :(

  2. RoyRubin

    2RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted May 28 2008

    It’s a widget we are using - we’ll search around for something better.

  3. RKS Computer Solutions

    3RKS Computer Solutions from South Africa|posted May 30 2008

    Roy, Meebo is a great tool and all, but their connections to their servers are seriously lacking… Did a quick search for the chatroom we used on a very old site, let me know if it helps..

  4. RKS Computer Solutions

    4RKS Computer Solutions from South Africa|posted May 30 2008

    Forget the above, just found this one…

  5. 00christian00

    500christian00 |posted May 30 2008

    Argh,what happened to the old chat?!
    Please it was so much more clean than this.Give us back the old chat :(

  6. JuAnXT

    6JuAnXT from France|posted May 30 2008

    I prefered the old chat too, impossible for me to type “special” caracters (like “?") on this one.

    But the other one did’t fit with opera…

  7. Buddha993

    7Buddha993 |posted June 1 2008 is the one and only. beside of IRC. wink

  8. Gabriiiel

    8Gabriiiel from France - Paris|posted June 1 2008

    Great idea !

    But Meebo bugs with Firefox : not “?” nor numbers wink

  9. 00christian00

    900christian00 |posted June 2 2008

    Maybe for you Gabriel,for many of all all special characters were wrong.

  10. RoyRubin

    10RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted June 2 2008

    We are working with Meebo to try to resolve the issues. Hopefully this will work out.

  11. JuAnXT

    11JuAnXT from France|posted June 3 2008

    cool !
    the private message system is not very friendly : a very small window that pop up..

    Why not a real irc channel ? with a java applet or something like that

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