Magento Case Study: Eastwood Increases Customer Loyalty, Lowers TCO with Magento

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The Eastwood Company is a catalog retailer of automotive tools and supplies for auto repair and restoration to professional automotive repair shops and hobbyists. Based in Pottstown, PA, Eastwood carries a comprehensive catalog of parts and accessories sold nationally through traditional, and over the last few years, has been developing an online channel.

Business Challenge
The Eastwood Company required an eCommerce platform which would improve the usability and sales of the online channel and enable social commerce capabilities, while also reducing operating costs associated with their highly inflexible SaaS solution.

Eastwood was limited by their one size fits all SaaS platform in updating the site design to improve usability and in the lack of flexibility to differentiate from competitors with functionality. Eastwood sought a solution which would meet their business requirements and reduce costs, while helping them achieve their goals of increasing customer engagement and loyalty to grow revenue.

Eastwood’s focus when finding a new eCommerce platform was flexibility for a highly usable customer experience and the ability to differentiate from their competitors with forward-thinking functionality. Eastwood found all this and more in Magento, enabling a true multi-channel experience for their customers.

The site was implemented in four months, allowing Eastwood to transition their online channel quickly and seamlessly. The transition also enabled Eastwood to decrease operating expenditures through both a decrease in licensing fees and the removal of revenue percentages to their SaaS eCommerce platform provider. This lower Total Cost of Ownership has enabled Eastwood to invest in further marketing and merchandising efforts to further grow their sales.

Magento provided Eastwood with the ability to innovate in their online channel while still focusing on core business operations.

The new site was implemented with functionality to grow sales and improve management of the storefront through integration with Eastwood’s current in-house ERP system as well as reaching out and extending ordering capabilities available to customers targeted through traditional channels.

Catalog quick-order functionality uses AJAX to provide efficient ordering by catalog recipients, and integration to the Ecometry ERP solution enables a multi-channel view into the business, ensuring Eastwood maintained it’s current order fulfillment and processing.

The flexibility to add new sections on the site as well as ratings and reviews has additionally increased customer interaction with the site. The introduction of social shopping features such as reviews, videos and other forms of customer engagement has increased customer interaction and satisfaction with the site and was joined by a ‘Buyer’s Club Membership’ which provides customers with free shipping and discounts, the new site enables strong customer loyalty.

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