Magento Case Studies Now Live


We’ve recently added a new section to the Magento site focused around Case Studies of merchants running Magento as part of their online channel efforts.  These case studies are meant to give you a closer look at examples and use cases of retailers running Magento in their day-to-day operations and how Magento is helping to solve real world business needs and requirements. We hope to continuously add more content and cases to this section and to continue to highlight just how flexible and customizable Magento truly is, and how Magento is delivering real value and ROI to so many kinds of retailers and merchants through deeper insight into some of the industry’s best Magento success stories.

The case studies we’ve chosen also provide insight into some unique elements of Magento deployment and customization by retailers, demonstrating how Magento’s powerful Open Source model can help you grow your business while growing along with you.

You can reach the Case Studies section via the top nav bar, under “Customers”, or by clicking the links.

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