Magento 1.4 Themes Design Book - By Packt Publishing

imagePackt Publishing announces the publication of a new book on Magento entitled: Magento 1.4 Themes Design Book

This new book focuses on practical techniques and tactics to help you manage the complete sales cycle, ranging from tips on attracting visitors, to increasing average order value and engaging your customers beyond the sale. Here's a quick peak from the publishers description:

‘Magento 1.4 Themes Design is a step-by-step guide to theming Magento, aimed at readers with little technical expertise. The first chapters introduce Magento 1.4 and Magento themes, covering Magento theme hierarchy and the key components of a Magento theme: templates, skins, layout, and locales.

Later chapters delve into changing the basics of your Magento store, including methods for changing the logo of your store, adding a custom favicon (favorites icon) and integrating Twitter and Facebook into your store. More advanced topics include customizing Magento templates and XML layout files to alter a theme to your own needs and creating a custom print stylesheet.’

This book is aimed at web designers and web developers who are not familiar with Magento at all, and at Magento designers and developers who are more familiar with Magento 1.3 than Magento 1.4. The book assumes knowledge of HTML and CSS and an awareness, but not in-depth knowledge of, PHP syntax.

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