Magento 0.7.15480 Available for Download

We are happy to announce the availability for download of Magento Preview version 0.7.15480. The major highlights of the release include sales order management (invoices, shipments, offline refunds), reorders, advanced search, support for Paypal Website Standard (see video) and design themes management per store, product or category (see related blog post).

Major Highlights

  • Added Sales Order Management (invoices, shipments, offline refunds)
  • Added Reorders functionality
  • Added Design Themes Management functionality: per store, per product & per category
  • Added Paypal Website Standard IPN method
  • Added Product Tier Prices by Customer Group
  • Added Product Special Price by dates
  • Added Advanced Search functionality
  • Attribute editing - added show in advanced search option per attribute
  • Order Management: Invoices, Credit Memos, Shipments
  • Added Scheduled Tasks Management (cron working)
  • Added system configuration option to make a payment method available in specified countries only

Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Added tax configration options: apply after discount, apply on shipping, tax rate type for shipping
  • Added “Save and Continue” button on CMS page & block edit page
  • Fixed Mage_Log statistics aggregation
  • Added “Continue Shopping” button
  • Fixed admin permissions editing
  • Fixed store switcher
  • Fixed product images uploading
  • Fixed system configuration saving
  • Fixed ORIG_SCRIPT_NAME problem by using Zend_Controller_Request_Http::getBasePath
  • Added SET MODE=’’ when opening mysql connection
  • Always load layout/local.xml after all other layout update files
  • Cleaned HTML for validation purposes, CSS cleanup
  • In all config.xml replaced */controller to adminhtml/controller, to enable custom admin controllers
  • Fixed generation of module route front name in urls
  • Fixed config xml cache generation, xml entities
  • Fixed installation exceptions handling
  • Catalog pager “Per page” value is configurable now
  • Inventory “Use Config Settings” checkboxes are checked be default when creating a new product now
  • Added UTF-8 to response headers
  • Moved head out of root templates, added configurable body class (body class contains dashes only), added body class for module-controller-action, cms-pages, categorypath-cat1-cat2, category-cat2, product-prod
  • Added currency conversion rates caching
  • Moved design configuration from themes to admin config
  • Enabled switching from global to local attribute
  • Minor .htaccess updates, added line for 1and1 hosting
  • Fixed install wizard - continue after download page in IE
  • Fixed table rate shipping
  • Template Path Hints

Known Issues

  • Direct refunds for online payment gateways will be implemented in the next release.
  • Adding tracking information from invoice along with created shipment is coming
  • After upgrade, need to logout and login to admin to see the changes
  • Paypal Express Checkout for Paypal Payments Pro can’t auto capture from the admin manage orders module

Sample Data

The sample data archive file is available in .zip (41 MB), .tar.gz (40 MB), and .tar.bz2 (37MB) formats to download (the files contain exactly the same content inside and are provided in different formats just for your convenience).

Each archive contains a SQL script that should be applied on a clean database with your database management tool (phpMyAdmin or whatever you use), and ‘media’ folder with sample product images that you should copy to your Magento media folder. You should then run the regular installation process as for a complete package. Please make sure that you have exactly the same version of Magento that the sample data is provided for – 0.7.15480.

Please also backup all your data and keep separately any custom changes on the files you did, because they may not be compatible with the sample data provided.

Upgrading Magento Comments

  • Please backup your database and code before upgrading
  • For users using APC; need to restart the server after PEAR upgrade
  • XAMPP/WAMP Users - While testing upgrades from the PEAR channel, issues were discovered. At this time we do not recommend PEAR channel upgrades in these environments
  • If you installed 0.714800 not using the PEAR installer, you can still use the PEAR channel upgrade (make sure all directories are writable for web server user) by going to Remote Extensions (admin) and clicking on Interface_Adminhtml_Default, Action tab and click install. Repeat same procedure for Interface_Frontend_Default and Interface_Install_Default.
  • After upgrading, please logout to refresh the current installation
  • Any issues? Let us know in the forums

Video: Upgrading Magento from PEAR Channel (One-Click Upgrade)

View Larger Video
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User Comments

  1. phrench

    1phrench |posted January 29 2008

    Great! Thanks for the effort!
    One thing I still am concerned about: Do you plan to refine the DataFlow module? I’m missing the possibility to import/export category structure, attribute definitions and product images. I think this are essential features of an import/export mechanism and I’d love to see this implemented grin
    Anyway, thanks again for this awesome piece of open source software!

  2. Ross

    2Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted January 29 2008

    You guys are great!  The channel upgrade is such a time saver!

  3. redpen

    3redpen |posted January 29 2008

    Great to see you guys are still working hard on this - updating now.  Have to agree with the first comment about Dataflow though, it’s the single best thing about Magento and needs some loving!

  4. Electric-dsctc

    4Electric-dsctc |posted January 29 2008

    Hi there...I’m downlading the upgrade via the channel upgrade...its great! One thing, is the “Template Path Hints” refered on a previous post included in this new version?

  5. Mehul

    5Mehul from AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA|posted January 29 2008

    looks great ! !

    Many issues seems be resolved.

    YOU GUYS are going great.

  6. maen

    6maen |posted January 29 2008

    "Cleaned HTML for validation purposes”, that is a very good thing which shows the professional attitude of the Varien team.

    “One-Click Upgrade”, does this mean that we could start setting up a shop with the current version without losing the possibility to upgrade it at a later stage? That would be really great.

  7. YoavKutner

    7YoavKutner |posted January 29 2008

    @Electric-dsctc - “Template Path Hints” are included in this release. We will update the release notes.

    @maen - We are still not recommending using Magento for production. We are still finalizing some modules and would suggest waiting for the first stable release to deploy Magento in a production environment.



  8. NoStress Commerce

    8NoStress Commerce from Prag, Czech republic|posted January 29 2008

    how to use Template Path Hints? where start this feature? thanks

  9. i960

    9i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted January 29 2008

    Can’t wait to try this version out.  Fantastic job guys.

    Question:  Will Google Checkout make it into the production release?

  10. RoyRubin

    10RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted January 29 2008

    @i960 - Google Checkout will be included. We are working with Google on some final issues.

  11. i960

    11i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted January 29 2008

    Awesome.  About 15% of our sales are through Google Checkout, so it’s important for us to have it.

  12. Moshe

    12Moshe from Los Angeles|posted January 29 2008

    @arecuk: in System / Configuration choose a store you would like to update, go to Developer tab, set “Template Path Hints” to “Yes”

  13. phrench

    13phrench |posted January 29 2008

    What about DataFlow? Will you improve it?

  14. Johan

    14Johan from Sweden|posted January 29 2008

    Thanks guy!

    Getting better every day.

  15. YoavKutner

    15YoavKutner |posted January 30 2008

    @phrench - DataFlow is being worked on.



  16. noblenull

    16noblenull |posted February 1 2008

    Quick Suggestion:

    It would be really helpful to be able to see which items shipped on which shipment on the Order View - Information Tab.  Having to click into each shipment to see which items shipped on that shipment isn’t really that practical.  My suggestion would be under ‘Shipped’ in the Item Status Column, put the shipment number (with a direct link to that shipments details).

    I would think also displaying a sum of shipments, quantity ordered, quantity pending shipment, and quantity shipped might be helpful on this page.

  17. zakjan

    17zakjan from Europe, Czech Republic|posted February 1 2008

    And how about international taxes? I think it is important feature to do too.

  18. YoavKutner

    18YoavKutner |posted February 2 2008

    @zakjan - this is in the works.



  19. quark

    19quark from Romania|posted February 6 2008

    I installed version 0.7.14800 and I try to update it using: System -> Extensions -> Locally Installed. The result is:

    “Upgrading all available packages, please wait…

    Nothing to upgrade-all”


  20. RoyRubin

    20RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted February 6 2008

    @quark - I recommend you post the question on the forum as well.

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