Magento 0.6.13700 Available for Download

We are pleased to announce the availability for download of Magento Preview version 0.6.13700. The major highlights of the release include the first implementation of a Magento DataFlow module (import/export tool), UPS and DHL shipping integration support, and catalog rewrite rules (for search engine optimization).

Major Highlights:

  • Added DHL shipping method integration
  • Added UPS XML shipping integration
  • Added admin dashboard preview
  • Added batch export/import tool preview
  • Added catalog URL rewrites
  • Added configurable option to show breadcrumbs on CMS pages

Impovements and Bugfixes:

  • Improved collections performance
  • Optimized core/email_template_filter
  • Fixed backups creating bug
  • Fixed CMS noroute, added 404 http status for not found page
  • Added handling of ajax session expiration in frontend and in admin
  • Added custom layout update xml field to CMS pages
  • Fixed minor issues in tablerate export
  • Added multiline form field type
  • Moved subscription logic to Mage_Newsletter
  • Disallowed deleting of default customer groups
  • Fixed checking $_SERVER variables when not run from webserver
  • Added storing original loaded data in models
  • Fixed EAV cache
  • Made admin secure loading when set up
  • Fixed Vietnamese locale name
  • Fixed few wishlist issues (shared wishlist display, wishlist links translation, add all to cart, product URLs in shared wishlist email)
  • Fixed admin permissions grid issues
  • Mysqli, pdo_mysql failsafe free result before statement fix
  • Added possibility to show root category list of products in Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_List
  • Fixed admin search, catalog search and newsletter queue bugs in admin
  • Fixed loading some translation files
  • Moved SKU to catalog/product entity table, fixed finding unique value in static attribute
  • Fixed bug with cache tags in core/app
  • Fixed utf-8 charset name
  • Fixed per store attribute labels
  • Fixed mcrypt key length
  • Fixed Javascript bug in installation wizard
  • Fixed secure URL validation during installation
  • Few logical bugfixes for EAV collection and core resource setup
  • Fixed search problem with ? in query
  • Fixed problem with retrieving regions list in admin
  • Changed default template for credit card info block to show only 4 last digits
  • Fixed absolute/relative URLs bug

Known Issues:

  • System fields values are not translated when exporting data
  • Multistore and multiple values support in batch export/import tool is missing, right now we have only per store import/export
  • Interactive file upload will be improved in the next releases
  • We are awaiting for a community feedback on testing DHL shipping method integration
  • There is no xml validation for batch export/import advanced profile
  • Admin dashboard doesn’t show zero value entries
  • Store filter exports all customers that belong to the website the store is in
  • Open text ftp account password in xml


  • Right after the installation or upgrade go to the Admin -> System -> Cache Management, check the ‘Refresh Catalog Rewrites’ checkbox and click on ‘Save cache settings’ button in order to get new URL rewrites updated
  • GUI for managing URL rewrites will be released in future releases

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User Comments

  1. chinesedream

    1chinesedream |posted November 14 2007

    Thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!! Finally! LOL

  2. Suhail

    2Suhail |posted November 14 2007

    Thank you !! This is great news,
    would this now allow a mass import of products from zencart ?

  3. i960

    3i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted November 14 2007

    Awesome!  It’s amazing how quickly you guys are putting out releases, even though this one was just a bit late.  tongue wink Good job.

    Does anyone work at Varien on Sunday’s?  I’m planning a visit early Dec, and Sunday would be best for me, although Friday works well too.

  4. RoyRubin

    4RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted November 14 2007

    @i960 - We never publish specific dates (for a reason) when working on new releases. We are always hoping to get it out as soon as possible.

    Sunday is a problem - weekdays are best smile

  5. jlaha

    5jlaha |posted November 14 2007

    Looks like it’s bugging out in certain cases, but it looks like creating an order from the admin was sneaked into this release as well. Cool.

  6. seldon

    6seldon |posted November 14 2007

    Very nice! One thing though, is it possible already to override Helpers?

  7. NickL

    7NickL |posted November 14 2007

    Beautiful, early christmas over here!

    I know A fresh Install is best with this, but bringing over products from a previous installation? What would be the best way? Make use of the import/export?  What do u think Roy?

  8. peterw83

    8peterw83 |posted November 14 2007

    Great work!  Keep up the timely releases wink

  9. i960

    9i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted November 14 2007

    @Roy - Just messin with ya.  cheese  You guys have been crankin out releases at a very fast pace.  I’m amazed at how fast development is going.  I’m used to releases maybe once a year if that with the other cart that shall remain nameless.  Keep up the good work!

  10. Moshe

    10Moshe from Los Angeles|posted November 14 2007

    @NickL: back up the db and try it with new code base, should work smile

  11. NickL

    11NickL |posted November 14 2007

    as quoted from Ridley Scott’s American Gangster (Great film)…

    “My Man!”

    Thanks Moshe, will try in a few..

  12. flufftronix

    12flufftronix from Philly, PA|posted November 14 2007

    "Open text ftp account password in xml”

    This sounds like a major security hole, even for testing purposes.. are there any workarounds for this at the moment?

  13. Moshe

    13Moshe from Los Angeles|posted November 14 2007

    @flufftronix: There will be a choice to save encrypted password in XML in future releases, figuring out the details..

  14. peterw83

    14peterw83 |posted November 15 2007

    I’d like to see International shipping support for the DHL module.

  15. flufftronix

    15flufftronix from Philly, PA|posted November 15 2007

    @Moshe: I’m confused.. how are people even supposed to post development themes/customizations/etc. if it makes an FTP account accessible? Aren’t you worried to be running a demo on your site when there’s an FTP password just sitting there? Please correct me if I’m misinformed on this, I hope I am..

  16. i960

    16i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted November 15 2007

    Someone from Varien can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any of the xml files are accessible via the web. Also, I don’t think the FTP passwords in question would be the FTP password for the server your website is running on.  I think it’s for data feeds like Bizrate and the like.

  17. Zander

    17Zander |posted November 15 2007

    flufftronix: i960 is correct. This refers solely to the new Import/Export Profiles and FTP details are therefore not exposed via the public website.

  18. flufftronix

    18flufftronix from Philly, PA|posted November 15 2007

    OK, thanks. I doubted such things would be going on but had to make sure..

  19. |posted December 10 2007

    Hi, my name is Colin Valencia from  We have a client that needs basically THIS shopping cart due to the multiple ship-to locations.  I need to quote the client and get them started.  This project would start in January and need to be completed by the 1st of May.  This cart would be used on 3 different sites as different installs.  Would this system be a good candidate to fulfill my needs or is this not ready for use?  If it’s not ready for use, would you mind speaking with me about what you would do if you were me to handle this requirement?  I love your system, community, etc. and don’t really want to use another system or offer “custom” programming as I think it should already be done or it’s going to turn into a nightmare.  Please let me know what you think. 

  20. RoyRubin

    20RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted December 10 2007 - You should probably post your question in the forum.

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