Joining Magento and Launching Magento U


Hello, my name is Susie Sedlacek and I am Magento’s new Vice President of Training & Education and will be heading up all efforts around this function. I am most recently from Zend, where I ran Global Services as well as started and grew Zend Training and Certification in close collaboration with the Zend community and partners. I am excited to be on board at Magento, where functionality is deep and education and training is in need of expansion! Training and education is a strategic initiative at Magento and our vision is to be the source of an ever-expanding flow of core Magento knowledge that feeds the eco-system, enabling it to strengthen itself through strong interaction, collaboration and communication. So how does all this help you now ? Well for one, how about courses ready for delivery in February and a kickoff for a developer certification to be launched in 2011? 

Yes, starting on February 28th, here in Los Angeles, we will deliver our “Core Principles for Theming in Magento” course, which will be followed on March 7th, by our first ever course for developers “Fundamentals of Magento Development.” These courses are scheduled to be held monthly for the next six months across both the US and Europe. They will continue to be delivered around the world together with additional new courses going forward from that point on. 

We are developing the roadmap to extend the curriculum paths for each of our target audiences: business user; designer; developer; systems administrator. This roadmap will be made available on the site later this month.  Feel free to send me suggestions of training topics you think are needed most urgently at susie [@]

While there are certainly different views on whether the Magento ecosystem needs a Developer Certification, we believe this will solve more issues than create them, based on inputs from the community and market.  We will be kicking off our search for an education advisory board from the community this month.  Interested?  Then send me an email and tell me why you would be an awesome addition to our Advisory Board.  Note there will be work to be done by Advisory Board members, so do write if you have time and energy to contribute to this effort.  Advisory Board seats are limited to ten.

Kara kicked off a great Summer Webinar series last year as well as did some extensive clean up of our Knowledge Base and online resources. The Webinars were met with great response and if you did not get to attend they are still available on our website at

We will continue to upgrade our online resources with more quick and topic specific education and will blog about the enhancements as they become available. We have an awesome training team at Magento bolstered by some incomparable community members and partners all striving to make the eco-system superstars on optimizing Magento. 

I look forward to interacting with most of you in one fashion or another and I commit to blog often and when I have something valuable to share – so stay tuned!

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