Internet Retailer Talks Magento in AllAmericanDirect Success Story


Recently, Internet Retailer mentioned Magento in a success story about  Traditionally focused on the satellite TV market, AllAmericanDirect was looking to build on a new platform which would let it differentiate itself from competitors, handle the increasing traffic and also expand it’s product offerings.

The site quotes Shawn Schwegman, former CIO of Overstock, and now with AllAmericanDirect, talking about future plans.  He mentions there are:

plans to offer about 500,000 products across multiple consumer product categories within a year.


This year, [AllAmericanDirect] has expanded its consumer electronics category and begun to introduce additional product categories, starting with home and garden products. [AllAmericanDirect] plans to offer Halloween-related products this fall and apparel and jewelry products later this year, followed next year by books, movies and video games.

The article also mentions how Magento was quickly and cost effectively deployed to help AllAmericanDirect grow their online retailing business without missing a beat.

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