Inside Magento #4 - Product Comparisons

Magento Feature - Product Comparison

Customers value convenience above all else when shopping online, and focus on getting exactly what they want as fast as possible. Large companies like Circuit City or Wal-Mart help customers quickly compare attributes with product comparison tools, giving them a time-saving advantage over a similar medium-sized business whose customers are forced to manually compare. With Magento's Product Comparison feature, however, customers can quickly and easily compare products and their features, giving your site Fortune 500 functionality without the huge price tag.

You can simply define any of the product's attributes as "comparable" in your catalog. Then shoppers will be able to check a comparison box, adding and removing products at their leisure. Finally, when the consumers are ready to compare, they click "Compare Cart" to see an easy-to-read graph showing them exactly what product has the attributes they need. Not only that, but the user can print the comparison for later reference.

No more abandoned carts left by customers simply comparing features, and no more confusion about the availability of certain attributes with certain products in your store. It's all laid out for you and the consumer, making it easier than ever for customers to quickly complete a sale with a smile on their faces.

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User Comments

  1. John T

    1John T from Hobson|posted June 12 2007

    Excellent! Glad to hear this feature will be available. It’s extremely useful and expected in many of technical product sites such as mine.

    Thanks Guys!

  2. Ryan

    2Ryan from Hobson|posted June 12 2007

    This sounds great, will customers be able to compare search results?

    Also, how involved is setting up the products as comparable? Will you need to set up each product individually, or can you select an attribute and all products that share it will be comparable on that point?

  3. Andre Lang

    3Andre Lang from Hobson|posted June 12 2007

    OMG can I have this now?
    This is sounding like a exceptional product, whats the expected price tag? (im guessing free as its open-source)

    Im building a site via joomla for my home business, but im finding it difficult to get much functionality out of it, and this is exactly what i need.

    Keep up the good work

  4. roy

    4roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted June 13 2007

    Andre - the product is open source and thus free. Thanks for your kind words smile


  5. YoavKutner

    5YoavKutner |posted June 13 2007

    Ryan –Customers will definitely be able compare search results. As we all know this is where most of the browsing for products on a site is done.

    As far as setting up comparisons, you hit the nail on the head. The management of the comparison functionality will be done on the product attribute (properties) level. Since product attributes in Magento can be any information about the product (e.g. size, color, name, price etc…) the store administrator can flag an attribute to be comparable store wide and not worry about the individual products. Magento will be smart enough to handle comparing attributes that are comparable between different products that were selected.

  6. Ethan Stone

    6Ethan Stone from Hobson|posted June 16 2007

    All hail magento.

    Have you considered starting a cult? I’m sure you already have a cult following.

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