Inside Magento #3 - Layered Navigation

What is Layered Navigation? Well it's what makes drilling down into categories easier on your customers and implementing this on your site will be incredibly quick with Magento. When a customer is browsing through your site they need to find the products that interest them as fast as possible or you won't make the sale. And when confronted with a category containing 60 products spread across multiple pages most customers will simply throw in the towel. Give them the option to filter by what interests them though, whether its price, color or any other aspect of the products, and you can show your customers what they want and raise conversions. Now, layered navigation isn't anything new, but the implementation of it on Magento will be incredibly fast and easy. Simply install the Layered Navigation Block on any pages you want this filtering. Once you have the block installed it will display the filters you have set for the products on that page. We can't get into how the filters will be setup on the backend of the site quite yet, but trust us, it will be easy. Want to be the first to know the details? Just sign up for the newsletter and you will know as soon as we release Magento to the public. And let us know in the comments what features you would like Magento to include.
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  1. Jon

    1Jon from Hobson|posted May 2 2007

    Sounds interesting. I look forward to trying it out.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date!


  2. Timothy Flower

    2Timothy Flower from Hobson|posted May 2 2007

    Is there a limit on the type and amount of filters that can be configured? We have certain categories of products that may need a couple of filters and others that may require significantly more.

    Also - will product comparisons be available in Magento? If so, is there a relationship between the comparisons and filters?

  3. roy

    3roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted May 3 2007

    Timothy - there is no limit on the amount and types of filters whatsoever. It’s as flexible as you want it to be. Product comparisons will be supported and there is a direct relationship between the comparisons, filters and product attributes. They are closely related. We’ll have a screencast in the next few weeks that shows all of this in action. Stay tuned.

  4. Piet

    4Piet from Hobson|posted May 15 2007

    I’m dying to see this, this could be very very nice : )

    After all those so-called ‘standard compliant’ open source e-commerce projects which are a pain in the behind to configure, I really hope Magento can make a difference.

    Is it possible to tell us some more about the way you think about the check out procedure?

    I think I will start a blog, just to see how it looks : )

  5. lburgess

    5lburgess |posted August 1 2008

    Assume that you retrict layered navigation to ‘ Dropdown, Multiple Select and Price’ inputs for performance issues, but why have you not expanded this to custom values using DISTINCT values as the options to output.  You would be able to achieve this using a tagging like system where each unique string has an ID.. there for establishing a sort of automation of the structure which multi-select values have..

    Are there any plans to allow this in the future? - aside form performance issues (which appear to have improved of late), this is the only other majot reason why I have not yet employed Magento for my ecommerce needs yet.

    With regards to filtering (and attributes in general), you should check out LiveCart (  I personally find their approach far more intuitive, however it is somewhat lacking in other areas when compared to Magento.

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