Inside Magento #1 - Scheduled Design Updates

Magento’s architecture allows for incredible flexibility and control. This is the first in a series looking inside Magento.

Site Design for the Holidays

Your business does a significant amount of business around Mother’s Day/Valentine’s Day/Christmas/Halloween/etc. and you want to make sure your site will look the part. With Magento you will be able to schedule the start and end date of a new design so you can sit back and enjoy the holidays without worrying about uploading files and taking them down in the middle of the night. These changes can be as minimal as a banner on the homepage or as extensive as the entire look-and-feel of the site, down to the buttons.

Your site will appear with the changes for the set time and then revert back to your standard design so you can get ready for the next onslaught of orders.

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User Comments

  1. stacie

    1stacie from Hobson|posted April 10 2007

    This sounds really great! So I suppose we can create the different ‘themes’ or ‘skins’ in advance and just activate them? Probably then reuse across seasons, I assume.

    Awesome! Can’t wait.

  2. YourTown

    2YourTown from Hobson|posted April 11 2007

    Very cool! I intend to use this for A-B testing to try out new buttons, call-out areas / promotions. This is very useful. Looking forward to it.

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