“If I were a commercial shopping cart vendor I’d be afraid. Very afraid.”

So is Magento worthy of the hype? In short, yes. This is one awesome looking product.  If I were a commercial shopping cart vendor I’d be afraid. Very afraid. This has the freedom and flexibility - not to mention the $0 price tag - of an open source solution, but it also has the polish and sophistication of a commercial solution ...

Magento does have a lot of features and flexibility that put most commercial products to shame. The marketing promotions manager - I was drooling on my keyboard at the flexibility! It seems that no matter what tool I use, the marketing managers always dream up some promotion that can’t be done. Well, I challenge them: come up with a promotion that Magento can’t do! I’m not saying it’s unlimited, but it’s the best I’ve seen.

Read the review in the Shopping Cart Reviews blog.

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  1. maciek79

    1maciek79 |posted December 3 2007

    Congratulations to Varien team. Keep working smile
    Hope to see next preview-release soon… smile

  2. Phliplip

    2Phliplip from Copenhagen, Denmark|posted December 3 2007

    Congratulations on this fine review smile

  3. overworked554

    3overworked554 |posted December 3 2007

    Shopify recently posted a customer survey asking for feedback in which they specifically asked if there were any features missing.  I started to list them all out but then realized there was a better way of passing the message… “Just visit http://www.magentoecommerce.com...” grin

  4. ecomdev

    4ecomdev from Dresden|posted December 3 2007

    yes, be afraid..... this is the next killer application ...

  5. Ron Seigel

    5Ron Seigel from Ottawa, ON|posted December 3 2007

    If you think the commercial shopping cart vendors are “afraid” just wait till you see the open source ones. smile

    Magento already makes OSC, Zen and all the other wanna-bes look like a joke. Zen just released 1.3.8 today and it’s just more of the same spaghetti code they’ve always released.


  6. mikemike

    6mikemike |posted December 20 2007

    I’m very confused. Is Magento going to remain after the Beta period is over?

  7. RoyRubin

    7RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted December 20 2007

    @mikemike - yes.

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