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  1. phrench

    1phrench |posted June 2 2008

    loading the first page takes a looooot of time!
    it’s a pity performance is still an issue :-(

    design is nice!

  2. Gabriiiel

    2Gabriiiel from France - Paris|posted June 2 2008

    Great design smile

  3. turnon

    3turnon |posted June 2 2008

    Great design especially 2 things

    the images and the click on for a bigger
    the shopping cart is first displayed after an item is added

    how did you do both things

  4. Sprout Collective

    4Sprout Collective from Portland, OR / Orange County, CA|posted June 2 2008

    Too close to the design of for comfort, but otherwise nice job wrapping it all up in Magento.

  5. stacelynn

    5stacelynn |posted June 2 2008

    Is no one else seeing the “OMFG We’ve Been Hacked?” screen… Oops!

  6. sdtb

    6sdtb |posted June 2 2008

    Store already hacked?

  7. WebAddict

    7WebAddict from Chandler, AZ|posted June 2 2008

    Man, hacked within the last 20 mins… That sucks. I hope it wasn’t hacked through Magento. Most likely it was a poor security thing, like a simple password, or an irate employee…

  8. Gabriiiel

    8Gabriiiel from France - Paris|posted June 2 2008

    “OMFG We’ve Been Hacked?”


  9. Did

    9Did from Paris, France|posted June 2 2008

    New security issue?

  10. [m] zentrale

    10[m] zentrale from Stuttgart, Germany|posted June 2 2008

    Oh… wanted to look a bit more intensive… but get the hack message too. It is suprising, that this shop was hacked too… When our new Shop was launched, short time pasted and someone tried to hack the server. But had no chance. dont think its magento problem, but perhaps someone is looking for new shops to crash them… Good Luck for you to solve it! Alex

  11. RoyRubin

    11RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted June 2 2008

    If any breach is found, please contact me directly and I’ll get the team on it.

  12. ecommerce-store

    12ecommerce-store from Roma|posted June 2 2008

    Roy, turn back to write code, magento are il real late smile

  13. freshwebservices

    13freshwebservices from Leicestershire, UK|posted June 2 2008

    Has this been hacked?

  14. Iñaki

    14Iñaki from Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina|posted June 2 2008


  15. WisdOMbooks

    15WisdOMbooks from Kolkata (Calcutta) - INDIA|posted June 2 2008

    ALL kind of security hackings have to be considered as *blessings-in-disguise*
    because they force us to face & take seriously the pending security issues in our code.
    TOUGH ! but… GOOD !

  16. Crucial Web Host

    16Crucial Web Host from Phoenix, AZ|posted June 2 2008

    We can confirm that this is not a hack - The .htaccess and authentication notice was put in place by the store owner for his own reasons.


  17. Gabriiiel

    17Gabriiiel from France - Paris|posted June 2 2008

    ... Buzz ? < it’s back

  18. WisdOMbooks

    18WisdOMbooks from Kolkata (Calcutta) - INDIA|posted June 2 2008

    I guess my point above remains still valid, is it not ?  smile

  19. garyhe

    19garyhe |posted June 3 2008

    Ah, so cool to be featured on the mothership grin

    Alas, sorry for all the fears about being hacked! I was having trouble with… they apparently did not like my sarcasm and was locking up my means of collecting money, thus I had to shut it down for a while. Did not know I was even getting any hits, let alone hits from the magento mothership. The software is very good… Props to the team (and everyone who answered my questions on the forum during development.)


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